McKenna, Visconti Ask for Investigation of Counterfeit Parking Passes in City

Councillors Joanne McKenna and Gerry Visconti are asking the parking director to investigate the usage and production of counterfeit visitor parking passes throughout the city.

The councillors also want the parking director to revoke all visitor parking privileges from residents found to be using the counterfeit passes.

“The parking enforcers are finding a lot of bogus visitor’s passes in people’s cars,” said McKenna. “People are copying them, and I guess it’s very issue to do. I just want to warn the public that if you copy a visitor’s pass, the first offense is a $100 fine. The second offense is they’re going to revoke your privilege to get a residential sticker.”

McKenna added that the new parking director [Zachary Babo] is working with the printer “to get some sort of a visitor’s pass that will not be copied. He’s working hard to find a new design, so it won’t be easy for people to copy these visitors’ passes.”

“It’s pretty disappointing that people are trying to abuse the system,” said Visconti. “And while it’s maybe a small percentage right now, I’d rather nip it in the bud right now, before it gets out of control.”

The Council voted unanimously to support the two councillors’ motion.

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