Revere Firefighters Battle Two Blazes Saturday Night

The Revere Fire Department battled two blazes in the city at homes on Mountain Avenue and Revere Beach Parkway within a span of three hours Saturday night.

Fire Chief Christopher Bright said the cold, wintry weather and icy surfaces made firefighting operations challenging. No residents were injured in either fire. Residents were evacuated safely from both fires.

The second of the two fires was a three-alarm blaze at a six-unit, triple-decker at 242-244 Mountain Avenue.

The first calls came in around midnight.

On arrival, firefighters saw that the structure was fully involved in flames. The fast-moving fire moved into the roofing area, making it inaccessible. The rear of the building sustained heavy damage.

“It was a long firefight that went to three alarms pretty quickly,” said Bright. “The primary search was to get everyone out of the house. It was one of those fires where we had to wait it out, not get anyone hurt, and just contain it as best we could. We had a fire detail there through the morning hours.”

Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Giampietro was in charge at the scene, with the company called into action for the second fire within a few hours.

Fourteen residents, including three children, were displaced by the fire.

Bright said Boston Sparks provided assistance at the blaze, putting down hundreds of pounds of rock salt to lessen the slippery conditions.

The Revere Fire Department received mutual aid from Chelsea, Winthrop, Malden, Boston, Lynn, and Massport.

In the first fire at 6 p.m. at a home on Revere Beach Parkway, firefighters, under the direction of Deputy Chief Giampietro, were able to evacuate the residents safely and get to the origin of the fire quickly.

“They found the fire burning in the attic between a couple of channels,” said Bright. “It was a great stop that they could get in there, pull it down, find it, and extinguish it before the fire took the whole roof off the house. They did great work of aggressive, interior-attacking, and were able to keep the damage minimized.”

It was a very busy and challenging night, part of the unpredictable nature of firefighting which can test a department in a minute’s notice. Fortunately, the Revere firefighters worked together to evacuate residents safely, bring sa stableness to what can be a threatening scene for neighbors, and contain the structural damage to the original buildings.

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