Council Approves $5.875M Loan Order for Capital Improvements

The City Council unanimously approved a loan order in the amount of $5.875 million for Fiscal Year 2021 Capital Improvements.

Viscay said the funds would be used for “deferred maintenance” and equipment operations by city departments.

He asked the Council to approve a bond that would accelerate the purchase of one additional fire pumper truck and one city-owned trash truck among other capital improvements.

“Rates are historically low right now,” said Viscay. “We feel it is a good decision for the city to bump up a couple of these pieces of equipment and sell one bond for the entire amount to fully execute the 2021 Capital Improvement Plan and Budget.”

DPW Supt. Paul Argenzion spoke in favor of the bond authorization.

“There are several pieces of equipment that the DPW desperately needs, one of being a sweeper, a trash truck, two all-wheel drive, six-wheel dump trucks, and a sign utility vehicle,” said Argenzio. “In all cases, these pieces of equipment replace pieces that are [year] 2006s, so they’re on their last legs and we really need to have this equipment to operate properly.”

Argenzio added that the dump trucks are necessary to bolster the department’s snow-fighting capabilities, especially in the hilly sections of Revere.

Argenzio also expressed support for a $1.4 million appropriation targeted for repairs of public stairs in the city.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve been able to replace the three sets of wooden stairs and now we’re faced with either total reconstruction or major repairs to the other sets of all-concrete stairs throughout the city,” said Argenzio. “We have the engineering work done and we’re ready to move on this.”

Chief of Infrastructure Donald Ciaramella also spoke in favor of the prospective purchases of new equipment.

“The equipment that’s needed is very valuable to our operations, snow removal, and the cleanliness of our streets in regard to the street sweepers,” said Ciaramella. “It’s badly needed equipment and we’ll put it to good use.”

Julie DeMauro, transportation manager for the city, said she supported the $1.4 million appropriation for the rebuilding of the public stairs in Beachmont.

“I’ve been working with Paul Argenzio, along with [Councillors] Joanne McKenna and Ira Novoselsky, and several members of the Beachmont Improvement Committee to get these stairs rebuilt,” said DeMauro. “This is really important. Two of the steps are in complete disarray and you would need a complete demolition, so this money is definitely needed.”

Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso said he was pleased to see an upgrade in city-used equipment.

“I’m very pleased with the purchases for the DPW and the Fire Department,” said Guinasso. “This is the type of thing that we need in our community. We need modern and updated equipment in order to service our community the best we know how.”

The City Council also approved loan orders in the amount of $60,000 for the replacement of windows and doors at the Lincoln School and $60,000 for the design and replacement of a new boiler system at the Beachmont School.

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