Revere Resident Isabelle Johnson Celebrates Her 100th Birthday

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Revere resident Isabelle Johnson celebrated her 100th birthday with a multi-day celebration at her residence on Revere Beach.

Mrs. Johnson’s son, Dan Johnson Jr., 71, a 1967 graduate of Dom Savio, said due to COVID-19 guidelines, family members spread out their in-person birthday wishes over the course of multiple days. “We took turns visiting her,” said Dan Jr. “One day the Visiting Angels brought her a cake and some gifts and on that day my son (David) and I visited. The next day, my wife (Monica) and daughter (Adrienne) went to see her. My brother, Robert (who is 66 years old), and his wife (Louise) visited on another day. The grandchildren all took turns visiting her.

“We spread out the visits so there weren’t too many people at once,” related Dan Jr.

Grew Up and Attended Schools in East Boston

Isabelle (Laraia) Johnson grew up in East Boston and attended East Boston High School. Isabelle married Dan Johnson Sr. at a local church. Following their marriage, they lived in East Boston for 20 years before they purchased a house in Winthrop. The Johnsons lived in Winthrop for 12 years before they bought a condominium at St. George on Revere Beach. She continues to enjoy her home in Revere, helped by the Visiting Angels who provide health care.

Isabelle worked as a waitress at Dini’s Restaurant on Tremont Street and Marliaves Restaurant, Boston, for many years. Her husband, Dan Sr., was a World War II veteran and Boston Police officer for more than 30 years.

“She loved to travel,” said Dan Jr. “She’s been to Italy a couple of times and took my daughter to France with her. She went to Morocco with one of her friends. My parents would go down to Florida for four or five weeks a year.”

Dan Jr. is a retired letter carrier. Robert is a structural engineer.

Isabelle (Laraia) Johnson has three grandchildren, Adrienne Johnson, Justine Johnson, and David Johnson. Adrienne holds degrees from Tufts University and Northeastern and is a cancer research scientist. Justine is a graduate of Bridgewater State University and worked in the field of special education. She is currently a ski instructor in Colorado. David attended Bryant University and is employed by Whole Foods.

To what does Dan Johnson Jr. attribute his mother Isabelle’s longevity? “I would say my mother has always had a positive attitude and she’s a very determined

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