La Abuela Carmen Products Bakery Opens on Squire Road

John Gil has opened a new Colombian-style bakery, La Abuela Carmen Products, at 154 Squire Road, which is the former location of Esposito’s Bakery.

“We’re going to combine our own Colombian bakery’s breads and cakes with the cakes, pastries and Italian breads that Esposito used to sell,” said Gil. “We’re also moving our wholesale business for La Abuela Carmen Products, which is a corn business, to Revere.”

John Gil, owner of La Abuela Carmen Products Bakery on Squire Road, stands adjacent to the counter in the store where subs and sandwiches will be sold.

Gil, 45, intends to introduce his own new products such as Colombian-style croissants “but this was an Italian bakery so we’re trying to keep the tradition that Esposito’s had for many years.”

“We’ll be making the calzones and the pizzas here but Esposito’s will be providing the dough for us,” said Gil. “We are not Esposito’s but we’re selling Esposito’s products.”

La Abuela will be selling submarine sandwiches at a counter that has already been built adjacent to the

pastry display cases.

“We’re just awaiting approval from the city to start selling subs,” said Gil. “It should be up and running in the next week or two.”

There are also plans to sell coffee and grab-and-go breakfast products.

Gil’s successful company also produces corn products, fresh Colombian cheese, and other foods that are sold at supermarkets including Market Basket.

The owner is making cosmetic improvements to the exterior of his bakery and the interior customer service and food production areas, but the bakery still maintains the look, feel, and charm of Esposito’s. He said he will be installing a new sign on the bakery soon.

Gil grew up in Colombia and came to the United States in 1995. He used to work for world-famous Bally Shoes as the international wholesale representative for Latin America.

“I quit that job – which was really good – to start my own business making the corn products,” said Gil, who lives in Revere. “I started that business in 2013 in a tiny little apartment in East Boston. And the business just grew and grew very fast. In a matter of two months, I opened 120 new accounts.”

And last week he brought his business acumen and hospitality to Squire Road and he has received a warm welcome from Revere residents with a bright future ahead.

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