Giannino Wins Dem. State Rep. Seat

Councillor-at-Large Jessica Ann Giannino earned an impressive victory in the Sixteenth Suffolk District Democratic Primary for State Representative Tuesday, defeating Joseph Gravellese in the hard-fought election.

 Giannino received solid votes in Revere, Chelsea, and Saugus to win by approximate 20-per cent margin overall. A top vote-getter in her councillor-at-large city-wide elections, Giannino again received strong support from her fellow Revere residents, notably in her home Ward 6.

Ready for the November election, Councillor Jessica Giannino is shown with her biggest fans, her Grandmother, JoAnne Giannino and her father, RPD Sgt. Christopher Giannino and her dog, Sam Adams. A pink light burned brightly in the window all day leading to the victory Tuesday night.
Candidates joined RevereTV and Revere Journal President Stephen Quigley on the air, via Zoom, to say a few words regarding the race following the tally of all the votes.
Candidates joined RevereTV and Revere Journal President Stephen Quigley on the air, via Zoom, to say a few words regarding the race following the tally of all the votes.

Giannino conducted an outstanding campaign in a race against a formidable candidate in Gravellese, who like Giannino, displayed an excellent knowledge of the issues important to the district and worked hard in getting the message out to voters during the unprecedented times of the coronavirus.

Some felt the timing of Giannino’s endorsements was noteworthy and effective, particularly showcasing the key support she received from retiring State Rep. RoseLee Vincent and popular School Committee member Anthony D’Ambrosio who topped the ticket himself in last fall’s election. Giannino’s colleagues on the City Council, who have watched her development into an effective voice for her constituents, also supported her candidacy.

Giannino thanked the residents of Revere for their incredible show of support and sharing her vision for a better future. Giannino released the following statement:

“To the residents of the 16th Suffolk District – thank you. This is the honor of my life. Thank you to all who came out to vote today, to those who provided feedback, insight and support. Thank you for sharing my vision for a better future. To every person in Chelsea, Revere and Saugus, I will never take your confidence for granted.

I’m so grateful for the hard work of the many volunteers that helped on the campaign trail. Together, we got creative, took social distancing precautions and had fun. Whether it was making calls, knocking on doors or strategizing, I asked and you delivered. Thank you to my grandmother, Googie, my dad, my aunts, uncles and the rest of my family and friends. I’m beyond fortunate to have had you in my corner campaigning over the last nearly 10 years. Their support has always made a difference, and they are a huge part of our success.

For years, the 16th Suffolk District has been represented by strong women who knew how to get things done. They have been in leadership at the State House and given a new generation of elected officials a lot to live up to.”

Giannino also thanked the many organizations and city and state officials who endorsed her candidacy.

An impressive newcomer to electoral politics and the son of a widely admired School Committee member, Susan Gravellese, Joe Gravellese congratulated Giannino on her victory while thanking the 2,200 voters who cast their ballots for him. He said he was proud of his campaign and the enthusiastic response he received from voters about his policies and progressive vision.

“The fact that Councillor Giannino did as well as she did speaks to the fact that she’s been a good city councillor for a long time and has served the community really well,” Gravellese said in an interview with Revere Journal President Stephen Quigley on the Revere TV post-election show. “She has done an outstanding job of being out there and being well known and of doing a good job. You don’t get 5,000 votes every time you run for City Council if you’re not doing a good job.”

City Council President Patrick Keefe also congratulated Giannino on her victory in Tuesday’s Primary.

“Jessica has the name and she backed it up with the work,” said Keefe, “The Giannino fsmily has been a staple in the community for well over a century and she’s done the work to be the state representative for the Sixteenth District. She’s going to live this job and represent her constituents with her fullest passion and ability. The residents of this area will be well served.”

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