Political Strategist Steve Fiore Says Markey-Kennedy ‘Too Close to Call

The Revere Journal asked well-known Revere political strategist Stephen Fiore for his analysis of the Ed Markey-Joe Kennedy race for the Democratic nomination in Tuesday’s U.S. Senate Democratic Primary.

Following are Mr. Fiore’s observations:

“I agree with the general consensus across the Commonwealth that this race is too close to call. Seasoned voters tend to lean towards the experienced candidate. The younger voters tend to lean toward a progressive candidate seeking change.

Sen. Markey’s work on the Green New Deal and the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsement may connect with the younger voters seeking that change. Congressman

Kennedy has the unique position of reaching both the seasoned and young voters by having the Kennedy name and all it has accomplished for Massachusetts for many years while also reaching the young vote that aligns with his progressive message.

The current COVID-19 pandemic will affect voter turnout at the polls. I believe the result will come down to Election Day execution and which candidate can energize his base and voter turnout.”

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