Complete Copy of Council Resolution on the Human Rights Commission

The following is the full text of the resolution sponsored by Council President Patrick Keefe, Ward 6 Councillor Richard Serino and Councillor-At-Large Gerry Visconti.

Whereas, we the undersigned members of the Revere City Council recognize the urgent and critical need for the re-establishment of the Revere Human Rights Commission; and

Whereas, as a Council, we also recognize the deep division in our city and hear our residents who have suffered terrible injustice and want action, as well as our residents who wish to see our community move forward with a Human Rights Commission in a professional and unbiased manner, and in a manner that builds bridges and unites all residents of Revere; and

Whereas, we reaffirm our commitment that we unanimously made at our meeting on June 22nd, 2020 that hate has no place in the City of Revere and to expand on that statement, we explicitly denounce discrimination in our community based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or because of stigma; and

Whereas, under Chapter 9, Section 28 of our City Ordinances, it is the policy of the City of Revere to protect the constitutional, civil and human rights of all people within the city and to promote understanding among individuals and groups in the city through improving the quality of discourse and eliminating unlawful discrimination; and

Whereas, it is the function of the Human Rights Commission to implement the aforementioned policy by initiating activities designed to educate and inform the City about the effects of prejudice, intolerance, and bigotry, as well as to assist with mediation of disputes of discrimination; and

Whereas, given the duties and charges of the Commission, particularly with regard to the sensitive nature of mediation of disputes of discrimination, we the undersigned members of the Revere City Council believe the role of executive director should be discharged preferably by an attorney of law who has a background in adjudicating violations of civil rights; and

Whereas, given the uniqueness of the work of the Commission compared to other boards and commissions of the City, as well as the desire of the Council that we get this right in order that the Commission is the best it can be, we believe the executive director of the Human Rights Commission should be selected from an open and transparent process in which the position is properly advertised and in which the candidates are interviewed by a committee composed of (1) the Mayor, (2) three members of the City Council appointed by the Council President, and (3) two members of the School Committee appointed by the Chair of the School Committee.  The five members of the sub-committee who are not the Mayor shall recommend two final candidates to the Mayor, who shall select and appoint based on those final two recommendations.  This process shall be completed, and the appointee shall be submitted to the City Council for confirmation no later than Monday, October 5, 2020; and

Whereas, the stipend of the executive director of the Human Rights Commission should be equitable and comparable to the clerks of other boards and commissions of the City; and

Whereas, recognizing the urgency of getting the work of the Commission off the ground as soon as possible, that in the meantime, Mayor Brian Arrigo submit to the City Council appointments for the members of the Human Rights Commission at the earliest opportunity; therefore be it

Resolved that we the undersigned members of the Revere City Council stand ready to take up Mayor Arrigo’s appointments of members to the Human Rights Commission at the earliest possible convenience during this summer session, and request that he does so in a manner that is timely advertised for both the members of the Council and the public to review the credentials of appointees.

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