DeCicco Seeks Volunteers for Food Distribution, Other Capacities

Ralph DeCicco is the ADA coordinator and chair of the Revere Commission on Disabilities. He is also the volunteer coordinator and wellness and neighborhood check outreach coordinator for Revere’s COVID-19 emergency response team.

Mayor Brian Arrigo and his administration created the emergency response team and there has been an increasing need for volunteers as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

“We need volunteers,” said DeCicco succinctly. “We ask prospective volunteers to go to, the city’s web site, and there is a volunteer link where they can sign up.”

DeCicco estimates that the team currently has approximately 300 community volunteers assisting in various capacities.

“Most of the volunteer positions we’re looking are food-pantry related [at Rumney Marsh Academy],” said DeCicco. “The Mayor’s Office is also starting an outreach of mask deliveries where anyone in the city can pre-register a mask to be delivered to residences.”

DeCicco said he is in regular communication via email with the volunteers. He coordinates a schedule listing the

assignments and the number of volunteers needed for different events.

“It is a very well-thought out process from Mayor Arrigo’s administration,” said DeCicco. “It’s created a whole, new facet of the operation on its own. “I want to commend Mayor Arrigo for leading everyone through this dire situation. Without his leadership, Revere would not be on top of this situation in the best possible way that we are. It shows his knowledge and his compassion for all the residents of Revere.”

Food Program Schedule

DeCicco said the Revere Food Pantry’s food distribution program at the Rumney Marsh Academy requires several volunteers each day.

“We have food distributions in the form of a grab-and-go meals process Monday through Thursday (9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.),” explained DeCicco. “And on Friday, residents are able to take meals for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”

There is a lunch program being run in coordination with the Revere School Department along with an ongoing, monthly food program at the Paul Revere and Hill Elementary Schools. A monthly veterans’ food pantry is also in effect.

“We’re also starting two pop-up food pantries on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Beachmont School parking lot,” said DeCicco. Revere’s emergency response team has also collaborated with the First Congregational Church of Revere and relocated the church’s food pantry (held Wednesday nights) to the Rumney Marsh Academy.

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