Revere Teachers Association for Revere Relief Efforts

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has caused hard times in Revere with many parents out of work and finding it harder and harder to pay bills.

However, there’s some relief for Revere families thanks to a new GoFundMe campaign set up by the Revere Teachers Association (RTA).

The RTA has partnered with The Neighborhood Developers (TND) to support families in Revere during the COVID-19 emergency.

The RTA created a GoFundMe campaign, that can be found at, and is raising proceeds that will all go towards TND and their Revere-based relief efforts.

Donations will be used to pay up to $1,000 toward rent, utilities, and other essential bills for needy families, prioritizing those who have lost their jobs but aren’t eligible for unemployment or are in other particularly vulnerable situations. Any family in Revere who is in need of this assistance can apply for the grant.

So far the campaign has raised $13,633 towards a $25,000 goal as of Tuesday.

“We are hearing from many people who lost their jobs as drivers, restaurant workers, or as housekeepers,” said Rafael Mares, TND’s Executive Director. “The economic fallout is very uneven: some households remain employed while others no longer have stable income. The teachers of Revere have shown such compassion and generosity which will make a real difference to the families that they know so well through the schools.”

RTA President Erik Fearing said the RTA is grateful to the City of Revere for continuing to pay school workers during this time and is working to support families in the community who do not have the same job and financial security.

“I’m incredibly proud to have a way that we can support Revere families directly,” said Fearing, “This crisis is hitting gateway cities harder than anywhere else, and since many employees are stuck away from the city, we are looking for every opportunity to give back.”

TND is a non-profit that is dedicated to community development in Revere and neighboring Chelsea. TND’s many programs help people to access affordable homes, employment, and crucial resources, such as temporary financial assistance, that can make a world of difference.

In the last two weeks, TND has distributed $21,923 directly to 41 households in Revere and Chelsea with support from the United Way. There is a growing wait list of families seeking short-term assistance that the RTA’s fundraiser will support. TND has set a goal to raise $120,000 to support its many relief efforts in the two cities.

“I feel like you and CONNECT just took a 100 pounds of pressure off my chest and mind,” said a recipient of these emergency funds. “You truly have been a blessing to my spirits right now and I could never thank you enough for helping me with this overwhelming obstacle during this time.”

Organizers are planning to continue with fundraising efforts through Mother’s Day on May 10th. Anyone that donates by May 10th will be entered to win one of five $100 gift certificates at a local business.

“It’s a challenge to implement remote learning, but teachers’ biggest worries have been for the safety and well-being of students and their families” said Beachmont Elementary teacher Julia Gallogly, “ I saw my co-workers taking it upon themselves to deliver groceries and try to help individual families in any way they could think of. So I figured that there was energy to get organized and raise money on a bigger scale.”

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