Baris Berk of United Brokers proves that the American Dream is alive

Baris Berk grew up in Turkey and emigrated to the United States in 1998.
“I had $1,800 cash in my pocket,” remembers Berk, 46, adding that he came to this country hoping that his hard work would help him attain success and prosperity in his field.
After working in the travel industry for two years, Berk became a real estate broker at Century 21 Citiwide in Revere. The firm’s top annual producer, Berk decided to open his own residential and commercial real estate agency, purchasing a Remax franchise and operating offices in Everett until 2009.
That’s when Berk, seeking more autonomy in the real estate market, opted to launch an independent agency, United Brokers. Last August, Berk moved its operations to 283 Cushman Avenue, Revere, where he purchased the building and opened brand new offices.
Berk has built up his agency to a staff of 41 agents who all live in the area. He owns several residential properties and oversees renovation projects. United Brokers is also one of the leading companies in putting together deals on foreclosed properties.
“The American Dream is alive and here is an example,” said Berk, who speaks Turkish and English and can converse in Spanish and German. “I believe winners never quit and quitters never win.”
What is Baris Berk’s message to others seeking a piece of the Dream?
“I believe in work ethic, enthusiasm, integrity, persistence, and self-reliance,” he said. “The message I would like to share with everybody is: When you live on the ‘golden pavement’ so long, after a while the golden pavement feels like regular pavement, so you don’t realize what you have.
“So those who come from a dirt road, when they see the golden road, they will embrace it,” said Berk.
Berk had studied tourism and hotel management in Turkey. He never thought his path would lead to a career in real estate.
“To tell you the truth, when I was younger I thought real estate was a boring job,” said Berk. “But since I’ve gotten involved, it’s actually a fun job.”
He says that the real estate market in Revere is hot as the city moves forward under the leadership of Mayor Brian Arrigo, with the school system and the city’s location being a huge draw for young families.
“Revere is very vibrant and multi-national, those factors and its proximity to Boston have created a large demand for houses here,” said Berk. “The future of Revere is very bright. I met Mayor Arrigo at our grand opening and he and his administration have been very helpful and accessible to us. This is a great city.”
At United Brokers’ spacious, multi-level offices, there is a space for child care for employees’ families, and an area for recreational activities that includes table tennis.
Eva Williams, the reception area administrator who has worked with Baris Berk for several years in Everett and Revere, said of the United Brokers’ team, “Everyone is very nice, friendly and knowledgeable and we get along super great. This is like my second home.”

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