What’s Better Than a New Jetter? New vehicle will help DPW with sewer maintenance

Mayor Brian Arrigo and DPW Water/Sewer Department Superintendent Donald Ciaramella and other DPW staff welcomed the arrival of a new $250,000 Jetter truck that will help maintain and clean sewers in the city.
“Out with the old and in with the new,” said Ciaramella, pointing to the elite, technologically advanced, stainless-steel-tanked truck that will replace the previous 20-year-old vehicle.
“This is a major improvement for the city,” said Ciaramella. “The old machine was unreliable. This is a much-more powerful machine.”
Ciaramella said the Jetter will also be instrumental in implementing the city’s FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) Program.
“This will help maintain our sewer systems, clean them, and we’ll have a crew out there on a daily basis cleaning our more than 100 miles of sewer mains in the city,” said Ciaramella.
Arrigo said he was pleased that the Jetter will help improve the city’s maintenance and complement the city’s hard-working DPW crews.
“This is another big improvement for our water and sewer division,” said Arrigo. “To be able to provide the men and women of the city with the resources they need to do the job is obviously one of my biggest priorities. So knowing that our Water and Sewer Department will be able to improve the quality of life for our residents is really important.
“It’s going to make their jobs a little bit easier to have the technology and the equipment they need to do their job,” concluded Arrigo.

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