Complete Count Committee plans census outreach events

Revere’s 2020 Complete Count Committee met Monday to discuss U.S. Census outreach activities and the planning of local events for National Census Day which is April 1.
Dimple J. Rana, director of Healthy Community Initiatives, and Diane Colella, election commissioner for the City of Revere, co-chaired the meeting. Ann Williams, regional partnership specialist for the U.S. Central Bureau, was in attendance.
Colella delivered the opening remarks during which she stated the importance of obtaining an accurate count of the number of residents living in the city.
“Completing the census will build political power for our communities by making sure that federal, state, and local legislatures reflect our increasing numbers through representation and by prioritizing our issues,” said Colella.
Colella said that census data are used to guide all public policy decisions and to determine federal funding for certain healthcare, economic, and social programs.
Rana said each city or town has a Complete Count Committee that is made up local partners, residents, and business people that helps disseminate information about the U.S. Census.
“We intend to get the word out about the Census through local newspapers, social media, various local organizations and by setting up informational tables at various events in the city,” said Rana. “We’re also launching a mini-grant opportunity for organizations to receive funds for census outreach efforts.”
Rana said Revere residents will be receiving “invitation to participate” postcards from the U.S. Census Bureau this week. “The Census opens Thursday and people can begin filling out their forms online, by mail, or by calling the U.S. Census Bureau (According to Ann Williams, interpreters for 13 different languages will be available to assist residents).”
The Revere committee also exchanged ideas for local activities to be held National Census Day. “That day provides an opportunity for cities and towns to create awareness for the Census,” said Rana.
The Committee is encouraging residents to complete the census before the enumerators begin visits to their homes.
“We really want to have a good count of everybody here in Revere,” said Rana.

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