A Familiar Perch: Jessica Giannino Finishes No. 1 Again in Councillor-At-large Race

Councillor-at-Large Jessica Giannino was back at work Monday night in the Council Chambers representing the city that overwhelmingly supported her candidacy in the Nov. 5 election.

Giannino topped the 10-candidate field with 5,684 votes, showing incredible strength at the ballot box city wide. Three other incumbents Steven Morabito, Anthony Zambuto, and George Rotondo were also re-elected while School Committee member Gerald Visconti was elected and will join his new colleagues on the Council on Jan. 1.

Giannino has proven to be a prolific votegetter since her first run for office. Voters have responded well to her accessibility, her willingness to speak out on issues even if her viewpoint may be in the minority, and her well-mannered approach of reaching out to residents across the city before casting her vote on a particular project.

Residents saw that aspect of Giannino in her outstanding performance at the Revere Journal’s councillor-at-large forum when she was asked about the potential of a professional soccer stadium being built on the Wonderland Park site.

Rather than rule out the idea entirely, Giannino said she would want to talk with neighbors of the property and professional soccer team officials interested in the site before casting her vote on the issue.

While Giannino’s endorsement in the exciting U.S. Senate race is a much sought-after one among the candidates seeking to carry Revere in the election in 2020, Giannino said she is only focusing on her work as a councillor-at-large.

The Journal asked the newly re-elected councillor-at-large about the election in an interview. Following are her responses:

1. How did it feel to top the ticket once again and receive close to 5,700 votes?

Topping the ticket is an extremely humbling experience. When I heard the results, I was just as elated and surprised as I was during my first election. The feelings of excitement and amazement are overwhelming. I am so very thankful for the support of this city.

2. You received an enormous vote across the city beyond your own ward – To what do you attribute your across-the-city support?

I attribute the city-wide support to hard work. Each year, I work hard in every ward for the citizens of Revere. As a councillor-at-large, I work with my colleagues in each ward and the residents to get things done. When I look at an issue before the council, I look at the big picture. I look at how each issue impacts the entire city and each neighborhood individually.  

3. Who do you want to thank on your campaign committee?

I want to thank my entire small but mighty committee from the bottom of my heart. The root of my committee is my family, my treasurer my grandmother, Joann, and my dad Chris. My campaign manager Rosa and her husband Joe Garbarino have been there for me since day one. I also want to thank my dedicated sign holders who are led by my grandmother, Joann, and most of all my late friend, Bobby Picardi.

4. Are you looking forward to working with the new councillors (Gerry Visconti and Ricky Serino)?

I am absolutely looking forward to working with Ricky and Gerry. Ricky and I have a long history going back to our days at the A.C. Whelan School. He’s my home ward councilor now, and I look forward to working in Ward 6 with him. Gerry is a family friend also and I look forward to serving the city as colleagues at large. 

5. What is the process for selecting a City Council President – and will you be a candidate for City Council President?

The council nominates its own President and Vice President. Each year, councilors lobby their colleagues to support them if they want to be President or Vice President. I have had the pleasure of serving as Council President before and I would be honored to serve as President in 2020.

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