Arrigo, Rizzo Talk Accomplishments, Future of the City During Debate

Mayor Brian Arrigo and Councillor-at-Large Dan Rizzo participated in the highly anticipated mayoral debate Oct. 24 at the Susan B. Anthony School auditorium.

The Revere Journal and Revere TV hosted the debate that was broadcast live on Revere TV and is available on the station’s YouTube channel.

The two candidates, who have waged highly visible and well-organized campaigns for the corner office in what is viewed as a very close election, highlighted their accomplishments in office and outlined their vision for Revere’s future.

Both candidates had many of their supporters in the audience. Mayor Brian Arrigo’s wife, Daveen Arrigo, and Councillor Rizzo’s wife, Jane Rizzo, each sat in the front row on different sides of the auditorium.

Councillor Rizzo said he was grateful to the Journal and Revere TV for holding the only debate of the campaign, though he added that he earlier sent a letter to the Arrigo campaign requesting three mayoral debates.

“Had it not been for the Revere Journal, we wouldn’t have had any debates,” said Rizzo. “So I’m grateful to the Journal to at least have the debate. And I appreciate the fact that he [Arrigo] at least agreed to one debate. The debate gave me the opportunity to compare and contrast our respective records as mayor.”

Rizzo, who served as mayor from 2011 to 2015, felt he was able to present his numerous accomplishments as mayor during the debate, notably the new Harry Della Russo Stadium, the new Hill Elementary School, and the new youth baseball and softball fields at Griswold Park.

Rizzo was pleased that residents were able to see and hear the candidates discuss important issues facing the city and how their perspectives differ.

“I felt as though the public got a very, very clear picture of who Brian Arrigo is and hopefully a clear picture of who I am – and now they can make their decision who they want to lead this city over the next four years on Nov. 5.”

Rizzo thanked the Revere High School Debate team for their role in the debate as co-moderator and timekeepers.

Mayor Arrigo said, “My focus at the debate was to show the residents that the city is on the right track – my administration has made key investments in public works, police, fire and education; reducing water bills and building a 21st century economy.

“The debate painted a clear contrast between the modern Revere being built now, and the lack of leadership and professionalism of the previous administration,” stated Arrigo. “Councillor Rizzo’s pitch to the voters relied on contradicting his own record and citing dubious figures with no basis in reality.

“Thank you again to the Journal for hosting and to the RHS Debate Team for their participation – I am confident that people watching the debate were assured that I am the right person to lead Revere in to the next decade,” concluded Arrigo.

Voters will go to the polls on Nov. 5 to cast their ballots in the elections for mayor, councillors-at-large, ward councillors, and school committee.”

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