Revere Elks Students of the Month: Dania Hallak Named Elks Student of the Month

Hello!! My name is Dania Hallak. I am a senior at Revere High School, and I have been in Revere for three years now. Originally, I was born and raised in Aleppo, Syria to a family of doctors. My dad is a cardiac surgeon, and my mom is an anesthesiologist. While they cannot work in the United States due to their international certificates, I continue to learn from them each and every day the value of hard work and gratitude. Even two years after the Syrian War started, my parents refused to leave Aleppo. “How could we leave this country that gave us everything -our values, our education, opportunities in Paris and London, and most importantly our home?,” they would say. It was only after the best university in Aleppo was bombed that we understood that education was no longer a central value to our society. That day, we were on a bus in search of a new future where we end up finding here in Revere. 

 Since I didn’t have access to many educational opportunities in Syria, I was excited to get involvement with as many opportunities as I can. I loved science, so every summer, you could find me in a program or at a lab somewhere. Since my freshmen, I have been involved with Northeastern’s Coastal Ocean Science Academy where I have worked with several labs to collect field data and ran independent research projects. I have also been a member of the MGH Youth

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