On the Campaign Trail: The Race for School Committee Terminiello Announces Candidacy for Revere School Committee

Al Terminiello Jr., well-known local professional photographer and co-founder of the Revere Veterans Committee, is announcing his candidacy for a seat on the Revere School Committee.

Terminiello is a lifelong resident of Revere. The son of former Revere Police Officer Albert Terminiello Sr. and Barbara Terminiello. He grew on Eastern Avenue and attended the Lincoln School, Garfield Junior High, and Revere High School, graduating in 1971.

He attended the New England Institute of Mortuary Science and graduated in 1974 and passed the state boards shortly after. He worked as an embalmer at a local funeral home for 20 years, this giving him a solid background in public health, psychology, and accounting. He also worked for the Suffolk County Office of the Medical Examiner as an investigative photographer and in public relations.

Terminiello then attended electronics school and became a senior electronics field engineer for Siemens Nixdorf Corporation, specializing in cold-fusion lasers and high-speed impact printers covering the eastern United States with high-profile clients such as the New York and Boston Stock Exchanges and Fidelity Investments.

Using his photography skills, Terminiello began a career as a photojournalist and went on to become a founding partner of the Independent Newspaper Group (ING). Terminiello continues to work in the professional as a photographer for ING. Demonstrating his dedication to the Revere community, Terminiello helped launch Revere TV as a founding board member and served as vice-chairman of the board of directors for three years.

Fifteen years ago, Terminiello, along with Ward 2 Councillor, founded the Revere Veterans Committee that seeks to honor veterans, establish open communications with veterans and local government agencies, as well as bringing public awareness to many veterans’ causes.

The Revere Veterans Committee proudly sponsors two RHS scholarships and donates funds to the Revere Senior Center to aid in its holiday celebrations. The Committee proudly held a dedication ceremony for two 30-foot flagpoles on Sept. 5 at the Beachmont Veterans Memorial School.

Following is Al Terminiello’s official campaign announcement for School Committee:

I am running for School Committee for one major reason. As an alumnus of the Revere public schools, I feel I can make a difference in the future of the children of Revere.

For the most part, I believe the Revere school district, its school principals and teachers do a great job of educating our students and preparing them for higher education and the work force.

But I believe that there are areas that we can improve upon in the current system. For example, I am against the busing of students across the city of Revere. I believe our elementary and middle school students should attend the school in their neighborhood. This would ensure less travel time before and after school. It would also lead to individual students feeling more comfortable in their school and neighborhood environment.

I will also work to reduce the number of students in each classroom, thus creating a more beneficial teacher-to-student ratio.

I am running for office not as a politician, but to be an honest and truthful representative of the taxpayers, seeing their interests and their students’ educational needs are met or exceeded.

 I believe that Revere needs a new high school, but this is something not to be taken lightly or to be used as a political tool. I believe residents’ tax dollars should be protected and used to get the most impact for our students’ use.

I support all athletic programs that help our students gain much-needed financial assistance as long as their academic pursuits come first. In this current financial environment, athletics or academic excellence are two paths to a brighter future.

I have also been a volunteer and contributor to the Revere League For Special Needs for more than 50 years and I pledge to help the school district maintain the excellent education resources it provides for students with special needs. I hope to increase the financial assistance with college scholarship for these students.

I am a former Revere Auxiliary Police officer, serving the community for nine years.

 I look forward to meeting residents and discussing general or individual issues with them.

I ask for one of you six votes for Revere School Committee on Nov. 5.

I can be reached at [email protected].

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