Beautification — It Runs in the Family

This month, the Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) awarded its ‘Beautiful Home’ award to two members of the same family.  The awards were given to the homes of Mel and Flo Massucco of Roland Road and Mel and Donna Massuco Jr. of Squire Road.

The landscaper for  both of these homes is Moffa Landscaping of Revere but, as is usually the case, the daily work is done by the family.  Mel Sr. of Roland Road is the primary caretaker of his property spending about an hour a day pruning and watering the area.  Neatly pruned bushes and closely clipped lawn attest to the care with which this property is given .  Colorful flowers around the lamppost in the front yard and lovely urns filled with flowers adorn the front stairs of this house, completing the lovely effect.  Mel and Flo are originally from East Boston and moved to Revere 55 years ago.  Mel reluctantly agreed to the move but now says “I would never live anywhere else.  We are proud to have raised our family in Revere.”

In Mel Jr’s home, Donna is the primary caretaker of the property.  She, also, spends an hour a day caring for the property.  Immaculate lawn, colorful flowers, neatly trimmed bushes and weedless lawn attest to the effort that is expended by her on this property.  Mel Jr said “I have always have been proud of my father and mother’s hard work making our home so beautiful.  I wanted to continue this tradition with my family.”  What a loving tribute to the Massuccos! The RBC is thrilled to award the Massucco family the ‘Beautiful Home’  award and encourages other families to do the same to their property.  Beautiful homes help to create a beautiful city.

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