Persistence Pays Off : Ward 5 Councillor Powers Worked Hard to Bring New Fire Station to Point of Pines

When the City Council approved a $9.2 million bond for a new fire station in the Point of Pines at the July 29 meeting, the people in the audience joined Council members for a standing ovation.

Ward 5 Council John Powers appreciated the spontaneous applause, having worked hard to advance a proposal for a new Alden Mills Fire Station to replace the 75-year-old facility that had been closed for several years.

Revere Fire Chief Christopher Bright, Mayor Brian Arrigo, and Ward 5 Councillor John Powers are pictured outside the Alden Mills-Point of Pines Fire Station that will be demolished and replaced by a new state-of-the-art fire station and community room.

“It was a priority from the first day I got elected,” said Powers. “And this fire station won’t just service the Point of Pines. It will service the Revere Beach Boulevard, Oak Island, and the lower Revere Street area, as well as the entire city when necessary.”

Powers said with the major flooding that has hit the Point of Pines in recent years and has at times simultaneously closed North Shore Road and Revere Beach Boulevard, it became even more apparent to him that Point of Point residents needed a new fire station.

“Engine 5 [on North Shore] which is the other engine in Ward 5, is the second busiest engine in the city and a result of that, the Point of Pines and Lower Revere Street is dependent on engines coming from as far away as the Parkway or Broadway and even mutual aid,” he said. “We all know that in a medical emergency the first five minutes are crucial.”

Powers said there are “so many more vehicles in the city as a result of the increase in population, there are more traffic accidents, and more medical emergencies and the Fire Department does an excellent job in servicing the city.

“This new engine [in the Point of Pines station] is crucial at this point in the city’s history for providing adequate public safety,” said Powers. “And I think the most important thing that a city can provide to its citizens is public safety.”

Powers credited Mayor Brian Arrigo for his support of the new fire station and getting the plans before the Council.

“Three years ago I had a conversation with Mayor Brian Arrigo and he at that point understood the need for that station,” said Powers. “As a result of that, the mayor sent a proposal to the Council for a bond authorization. We couldn’t have done this without Mayor Arrigo’s leadership. I’m also appreciative of the fact that the entire City Council recognized the immediate need for that facility.”

Powers said that in addition to the new station being capable of housing an engine, a ladder truck, and a water rescue boat, the station will have a community room for public meetings and serve as a polling place on election days.

“My hope is that we’ll be having a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new station in two years,” said Powers.

Reflecting on the rare standing ovation that occurred following the unanimous vote for the new station, Powers said, “I was filled with gratitude. I want to publicly thank Mayor Arrigo and the Council for its 11-0 vote. I also want to thank Fire Chief Christopher Bright for his strong support and for traveling with me to other communities to see other new facilities. I’m very happy the councillors saw the need and that Mayor Arrigo submitted the bond authorization to make it happen.”

Powers said when he first ran for office years ago, his uncle [who was a Point of Pines resident] asked him, ‘What can you do about the fire station down here?’

 â€œMy answer to my uncle was that I would do everything I can to get that fire station opened,” recalled Powers.

And now Councillor John Powers’ persistency has paid off and come 2021, there will be a brand new, state-of-the-art Alden Mills Fire Station standing tall in the Pines.

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