A Weekend at the Islands : Revere Scout Troop 15 Heads to Lovell’s Island for Camping Trip

Troop 15 of Revere meets at the American Legion Building on Broadway and recently booked a camping trip on Lovell’s island in Boston Harbor for the weekend of July12-14. Camping spaces are a premium on the 62 acre island in Boston harbor National Recreational Area, but good things go to good people and the weekend was booked.  Lovell’s Island is located about seven miles out to sea from the City of Boston, the island is named after, Captain William Lovell, an early settler in Dorchester. The only access to the island is by boat, and it seems for a moment this small transportation factor was overlooked. How were these boys and their volunteer leaders to get there and back?, with as they say-a boatload of gear. Well thanks to Revere’s Veterans Agent, Marc Silvestri and some really great Revere boaters, three boats were volunteered to bring the boys, and all their gear to and from their destination. Captains, Steve Ferro, Steve Ferro Sr., Carl Svendsen and Bobby Otolo volunteered their time and crafts. They departed the Broad Sound Tuna Club, Friday around 6:30 p.m. and went to pick up the happy campers on Sunday and returned home about noon.

Revere has long been known for its generosity and community service. This is just one of the many reasons Revere stands behind their own, and helped give these boys a weekend they will never forget, and also a lesson of giving back to a community that gives so much. I can add as an Eagle Scout from Revere, that I will never forget the leaders that gave their valuable time to bring me and many other scouts unforgettable memories, and helped make us proud citizens of our city and our country. I’m sure these scouts will feel the same and make Revere proud as they grow within the community.

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