City Council President Arthur Guinasso Announces for Re-election for Ward 3

City Council President Arthur Guinasso drew a huge crowd to DeMaino’s Restaurant for a campaign reception Monday night.

Family, friends, and a tremendous representation of his colleagues in city government and candidates for office turned out for the event.

The fact that Speaker of the House Robert A. DeLeo,  personally introduced Guinasso showed the high esteem in which the dean of the Revere City Council is held by local and state officials. DeLeo said his friendship with Guinasso pre-dates their longtime service as public officials.

“I’d have to say that what’s amazing about Arthur is the first day he was elected he came in there with vim and vinegar in terms of excitement and representing his ward and making sure things got done – and despite the fact that there have been years of service now, he still has that same zeal in his heart to do what’s right for the people of Ward 3,” said DeLeo.

Indeed, Guinasso has been at the top of his game after being unanimously elected Council president in January. He has drawn plaudits for his expertise with the gavel during debates and for putting more of a focus on the work done by the council sub-committees.

DeLeo said Guinasso often contacts him at the Statehouse about issues of concern in Ward 2.

“If you look at all the great things and all the improvements over the years that have happened in this city – one of the people who has been most important and involved in all of that is Arthur Guinasso.”

DeLeo jested about his presence at the reception in light of the fact that “Arthur doesn’t have an opponent – what I am doing here?”

“But quite frankly, I think it’s important that I am here and I think it’s important that we understand what Arthur meant to this city and we’re all here to show our appreciation,” said DeLeo. “You deserve every single bit of this great turnout.”

Guinasso took the podium to a raucous ovation from the gathering.

 He reflected on his impressive victory in the 2017 election and the well-organized campaign. “Our team worked so hard and I just can’t thank you enough for that,” said Guinasso.

 He thanked his colleagues for “honoring me by selecting me” as City Council president. He said the councillors have given him their cooperation “in allowing subcommittees to do the work.”

“All the meat and potatoes come out of those subcommittees,” said Guinasso.

He said the Council has heard the pleas from its constituents to “slow down the growth in construction, take a deep breath, and try to come up with something that’s useful for the community.”

To that end, Guinasso said he sponsored a motion to put a moratorium on the conversion of single-family homes in to two-family homes.

Guinasso said he will continue to work hard for his constituents in Ward 3.

“We’ll win again [in November] because we have the desire to do what’s right for our community and we’re going to do it the right way,” said Guinasso. “Thank you very much for honoring me by being here tonight.”

Guinasso concluded his remarks by thanking his family, including his wife, Linda, who has also ably served the city as a licensing commissioner. Suffolk

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