Arrigo Pulls Nomination Papers; Holds Annual Birthday Fundraiser

Mayor Brian Arrigo pulled his nomination papers for the office of mayor last Friday at the Revere Election Department at City Hall.

Arrigo, who was elected mayor in November, 2015, was accompanied by his wife, Daveen, and their sons, Joseph and Jack.

Revere Mayor Brian Arrigo, accompanied
by his wife, Daveen, and children, Joseph and Jack, arrives at the Election Department office.

The mayor had celebrated his 39th birthday at an annual campaign fundraiser Tuesday that brought a large crowd of supporters to the Marina at the Wharf Restaurant.

That event was its usual fun and festive self, with owner Victor Molle serving up a delicious buffet followed by the traditional birthday cake decorated in the familiar orange and blue Arrigo campaign colors. As has been her custom at past birthday fundraisers, First Lady Daveen Arrigo thoughtfully carried pieces of the cake to the various tables for consumption.

 There were repeated chants of “four more years,” as the mayor took the microphone from DJ Rick Freni.

This year is an election year and Arrigo conceded as much in his opening remarks.

“It’s always humbling to have this birthday celebration,” said Arrigo. “Having a birthday celebration is always an exciting, fun time. As you may have heard, we actually do have an election this year.

“We have a familiar foe that is looking to run for mayor and I think it’s incumbent on all the people that are here tonight to know that we have accomplished so much in the last three-and-half years,” said Arrigo. “And what I want to make sure that we do – because we’ve already seen the first hint of it – is that the people that are not in this room, the 10,000-13,000 people that are going to vote – understand that they cannot believe the lies, the mistruths that they’re going to hear over the next five months.

“And the race that we run is a race based on accomplishments, the things that we’ve done, and the actions that have been taken,” continued Arrigo.

Saying that he was “extremely proud of the things that we have accomplished,” Arrigo highlighted the  311 constituent service phone system, the city’s investments in its public safety and public works department, “the new high school that we’re going to build,” and the Suffolk Downs redevelopment.

“But what I want people to know that it’s much more than that – it’s a feeling. It’s optimism. The fact is that I’ve been walking the streets and I am hearing the optimism from my neighbors, from the kids in our schools, from the people outside the city looking in and saying ‘there are incredible things happening in your city and you need to be proud of them.’

“We all need to be proud of them,” said Arrigo.

He then turned his focus to one of the other candidates for mayor.

“Unfortunately, I think my opponent is banking on the idea that people have short memories, that we may forget what was happening four, five, six years ago – people may forget that there were no accomplishments. There were no accomplishments for him to run on four years ago.

“The fact is we have a record to run on. We have accomplishments and we’re going to make sure that the entire city knows every one of those accomplishments,” said Arrigo.

 The mayor outlined some of his goals including the construction of a new Revere High School, a new DPW facility, and a new Point of Pines Fire Station.

He concluded his remarks by stating that, “With all of your help, we’re going to get another four years, we’re going to get right back to work and make sure that everyone knows how great the city of Revere is.”

The chant, “four more years,” erupted in the room once more.

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