Shirley Ave Fire Leaves 12 People Displaced

Monday evening at 10:53 p.m., firefighters responded to a report of a house fire at 46 Shirley Ave.

Upon arrival Lt. Kevin O’Hara officer on Engine 4 reported smoke coming from the area where the front porch meets the house. An aggressive attack was underway to locate the seat of the fire. As the porch ceiling was removed, fire was located just as it started to run along the joists on the interior of the home and was extinguished.

This was a three-family home and 12 people were displaced with no injuries reported. Fire investigators arrived on scene and determined the cause to be careless disposal of smoking material.

This fire and many like it that the Revere Fire Department responds to is a prime example of how a quick response and aggressive attack prevented what could have been a catastrophic fire. These fires don’t get much attention because they are not spectacular blazes that can be seen from miles away. They are however, a testament to the fire department’s role in preventing that type of event when proper notice is given whether it is from a passerby, or smoke alarm sounding.

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