Arrigo Announces Investments in a Safer, Cleaner, More Efficient Revere:FY2019 Budget Will Fund More Police Officers and Firefighters; Modern Technologies Will Maximize Resources, Increase Revenues

Mayor Brian Arrigo on Tuesday announced investments in public safety and public works as part of his proposed FY2019 budget. The City’s public safety budget will increase by 1.29-percent in FY2019 to $22.8 million, funding the addition of three, new, full-time police officers and four new full-time firefighters. Funding for Public Works services in FY2019 will increase by 3.8-percent to $8.3 million and will fund six new positions that will allow the department to maintain city services with the current pace of economic development.  There will also be an additional $150,000 for the remediation of rodents and pest management services.  The funding will also allow the City to track and respond to 311 service requests effectively. Portions of the budget was presented to the City Council Tuesday night, and is subject to the Council’s approval.

“This budget reflects our administration’s commitment to professionalizing and modernizing our city government, and allows us to make strategic investments in critical public safety, public works, and public education services,” Mayor Arrigo said. “I want to thank each and every one of my department heads and especially my finance team for their hard work in developing a budget that works for the people of Revere.”

Also proposed as part of this year’s budget is funding to provide the City’s parking department with a new staffing level to allow for efficient parking collections, and better coverage on nights, weekends and special events. An investment in updated parking meters will allow for credit card payments, as well as coins, and ensure that all parking equipment is operating securely and at full capacity. The cost of purchase, installation, operations, and maintenance of all of the City’s parking meters are paid for from the receipts of said parking meters. The costs of this major capital investment will be fully funded by the operations of the department, further professionalizing operations.

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