Global Day of Parents to Launch ‘Stand Up for Parents’

On June 1, Global Day of Parents, a Cambridge-based Parents Forum is launching Stand Up For Parents, a campaign [] to increase the program’s capacity to reach and serve parents both locally and globally. The organization is also pleased to invite interested community members to a facilitators training scheduled for Wednesday, August 1 from noon to 3 p.m. in Central Square, Cambridge. The program has just completed a successful first year in Winthrop and wants to share that experience with other parent leaders throughout Massachusetts.

Winthrop Parents Forum, supported by Eastern Bank and DeMoulas Market Basket and led by Therese Ockenden, included a workshop (photo attached*) held at the Winthrop Public Library on Saturday, April 28. Others supporting the workshop were Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, Those Who Can for Those In Need, Winthrop Family Network and the Winthrop Police and School Departments.

At the workshop, Winthrop Parents Forum coordinator Therese Ockenden announced that she will be leaving the area in the fall, saying, “I found Parents Forum to be both revealing and rewarding and have learned a lot as I trained to present it. I hope that one or more individuals will step forward to work together to build on the program’s success.”

Parents Forum is also pleased to announce a partnership with Gifted Parents (, a global network of parents passionate about their children’s education and future well-being and eager to make a positive impact in the world. Parents Forum is excited to be able to offer, through Gifted Parents, access to a global network of families, educators and professionals. Unique features of the network include weekly live-webinars conducted by experts in various industries recorded (and posted on the archive to be viewed anytime), as well as a library of written columns from experts on topics such as “Taking Care of Yourself: The First Step to Good Parenting” and “Your Child’s College Essay: Make It Great”. Gifted Parents member families and their children also have the opportunity to meet in person while traveling, forming life-long relationships.

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