Jake the Turkey Relocated to Carver

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Moving to the country may be a dream for some every once in a while, and one of Revere’s beloved citizens, has indeed moved to the country.

It was a tough decision, but it had to be done.

Jake the Turkey has moved, or shall we say ‘was’ moved, to the area of Carver and the Myles Standish State Forest area on the South Shore.

It all went down at sunset last Wednesday afternoon. Jake, a good 22-25 pound bird, was stopping traffic at the intersection of Broadway, Park and Central. This was nothing new for him, he’d dodged numerous cars and trucks and even had the Central Station at the Revere Fire Department on alert for Jake anytime the ladder truck left the building.

The firefighters of Revere’s Central Fire Station, had become very fond of Jake and Jake’s best friend was Captain Firefighter Dom LaSala, who helped inform the Animal Rescue League to Jake’s daily habits.

The Massachusetts Environmental Police were called in for Jake’s safety. He was corralled into what looked like a paddy wagon, steel bars and all. Then, he  was taken for a ride to Carver where a large rafter of female turkeys lives in the fields, woods and cranberry bogs.

“Environmental Police relocated this turkey to a more suitable, wooded area on the South Shore due to public safety concerns,” said Katie Gronendyke, of the office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

Jake is a proud male Eastern wild turkey about a year old. He was known to fan out his 18 tail feathers to attract attention.

For months, Jake has been in Ward 4 and surrounds. Just about everyday he strutted down Broadway, stopping traffic, posing for cell phone photographs, pecking at car tires and anything he found interesting on the sidewalk. Some folks with good intentions sprinkle bird seed or cracked corn around.

“Environmental Police occasionally relocate turkeys that pose a public safety issue.,” Gronendyke said.

Public safety was definitely a concern for the bold bird who dodged in and out of cars on Broadway.

“I think for the safety of Jake and the people driving on Broadway this was for the best,” said Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe.

Now it is said that turkeys can travel within a radius of 50 miles – and Carver is about 54 miles away. Will Jake ever return to his adopted hometown? We’ll have to wait and see. The Massachusetts Environmental Police posted a picture on Facebook of Jake in his new snowy, wooded environment.

“Jake is enjoying his new home and has already made several new friends,” they posted.

Here’s a thought — June is National Turkey Lovers’ Month, let’s all to be sure to remember Jake then.

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