Braid Announces Candidacy for Councillor At-Large

Todd A. Braid has announced his candidacy for Councillor at-Large.  The following is his statement:

I am not a career politician but I’m a proud concerned  4th Generation Revere Resident. 18 years ago I married Stacey Gualtieri also a lifelong Revere resident. I’m blessed with two wonderful daughters. My oldest Karissa attended Revere public schools and is a graduate of Salem State. My youngest Shaunna, is currently a senior in Revere High School. Who is planning on majoring in English education and teach in the Revere school system.I have been a Massachusetts real estate broker since the early 90s. Owned and operated a 5 star small business, which served Logan Airport and Black Falcon pier. I’m a Suffolk County Notary Public. I successfully managed a multi-union service center, hold class a CDL and 2A-1C hoisting license. I’m proud to say I’m a member of Local 25 teamster & employed with Boston Globe.I express my deepest gratitude for the citizens of Revere who welcomed me into their homes and shared their deepest concerns with the path our career politicians have taken.

We must provide proper public safety and maintain peace in our community.One of our Cities gems is America’s 1st Public Beach. Enjoying our city’s abundant coastal treasures is a big part why many of us moved here and thousands come to visit. It is our duty as a community, we must provide the framework in which our citizens and neighborhoods can flourish.

Many residents agree for immediate smart commercial development, must slow down residential growth to determine a cause of action. Many are asking why we have one of the state’s highest automobile insurance rates and non- discounted tunnel and/or tobin fee’s. Revere High School has been awarded one of the Best Urban Schools. Sadly, we have overcrowded and under built our schools. Our war on drugs is like nothing in our past,our community is as strong as its weakest link. Many friends lost were Wasted Talent. We as a community must provide opportunity and options, being the best you can be- is drug free.

The strength of Revere are the people who inhabit Revere. Remember in November, Vote Todd Braid

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