Arrigo Raises Texas Flag at Revere City Hall

Mayor Brian Arrigo has raised the Texas flag as a show of support following Hurricane Harvey. “The residents of Revere made the city proud last month by donating trucks full of supplies to relief efforts, Arrigo said.
As a thank you, Donna Cranston of the Texas-based nonprofit Defenders of Freedom sent the people of Revere this Texas flag.
“We are proud to raise the Texas flag in front of Revere City Hall as a symbol of our solidarity with our friends, and as a thank you to Revere residents for their generosity,” Arrigo said. “As you know, our fellow Americans in Florida and Puerto Rico continue to struggle with the after-effects of recent hurricanes, and our friends in Mexico are recovering from a devastating earthquake. Please consider showing your support with a donation to one of these nonprofits working on the ground:

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