Not Forgetting Life’s Important Lesson

Often, people say that someone has lost sight of the prize. And too often it happens.

More attention is devoted to achieving one goal while falling far too short on the other goal.

This does not seem to be the case for many students at Revere High School.

At last week’s School Committee meeting, 25 athletes were honored not only for their prowess on the playing field, but  also for their achievements in their academic studies.

Many athletes often think that they can get a free pass on their studies because of their athletic skills.  While this thinking  might work for awhile, in the long run, it will be the education that they avail themselves of obtaining that will determine their success in life.

An athlete’s playing life is often very short, while the benefits from a good  education will last a lifetime.

One can not underestimate that the lessons learned of fair play, team building and being able to accept defeat with the same positive attitude as victory are important parts to being a contributing member of society.  However, it is education that enables one to understand and appreciate the important milestones in one’s life.

We congratulate the teachers at Revere High School who have inspired these scholar athletes to perform as well in the classrooms as their coaches have inspired them to perform on the playing fields.

But above all, we congratulate the students who have seemed to grasp at their early age the importance of doing both sports and studies equally as  well.


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