RHA Outlines Many Improvements to Buildings

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

The Revere Housing Authority (RHA) will hold a public hearing on January 11 to discuss the authorities annual report of the last year as well the five-year plan for its properties and organization.

“The new year is looking good,” said RHA Executive Director James Milanazzo, talking about the 940 units under the authority’s charge There are 194 of the units getting federal subsidies.

Those federal family units on Pomona Street, Rose Street, Broadway and Hutchinson Street will see phase 3 of siding work completed in 2018.  Also in 2018, roofing work will begin on federal family and elderly housing on Cushman Ave. and Cooledge Road. The roofing work will be completed in 2019 and the estimated cost is $187,000.

On Harris Street, elderly housing, there will be a two-phase heating system project starting in 2019 and finishing in 2020 at an estimated cost of 182,000. In 2020 there will also be exterior work in the patio area, walkways, handrails, landscaping and lighting at an estimated cost $187,000.

In 2021 at an estimated cost of $185,000 the RHA plans on work at Pomona, Rose, Broadway and Hutchinson, Cushman and Cooledge properties. The parking areas will be repaved and storm drains and walkways will be worked on. Exterior siding will be worked on on Cushman and Cooledge also in 2021.

“We are keeping up with our capital improvement plans,” said RHA Executive Director James Milanazzo. “And capital improvement funds are just that…siding, roofing, heat, windows, etc.”

The plans are available for review at the RHA office at 70 Cooledge Road.

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