Letter to the Editor

Vote for Nutting in Suffolk County Register of   Deeds race

Dear Editor

It has been my experience that most voters are so focused on the candidates running for the different executive/legislative positions that they pay little or no attention to any of the other state races.

One of these often overlooked positions is the position of Suffolk County Register of Deeds.  The Register of Deeds is responsible for the management of all land records for the county, a most important position that impacts all residents.

One of the candidates for this position is Paul Nutting, a most qualified candidate with over 20 years experience managing land records and setting data standards at the state mapping agency.  Paul has innovative ideas to assist homeowners, real estate professionals, and municipalities by joining building permit records and inspectional records to online mapping assessing records and by linking in deed documents to view all property records in one location.  He will also modernize the website with responsiveness and accessibility upgrades.

Paul is also no stranger to Revere. He serves with me on the Metropolitan Beach Commission, has volunteered for several of the Beautify Revere cleanups this spring, as well as our Revere Beach Kite Festival.

Paul Nutting is the most qualified candidate for the position of Suffolk County Register of Deeds.  I know that he will do an excellent job if he is elected and urge all voters to vote for Paul Nutting on September 8th.

Carol Haney


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