Letters to the Editor

Thank you to  Yellow Taxi

Dear Editor,

On behalf of St. Mary of the Assumption Parish I want to express our deepest gratitude to Yellow Taxi of Revere and especially Kevin Chiles and Richard Picardi. They have been providing a free shuttle service from the Stop and Shop parking lot to our parish services and functions over the last four months.  As we all know, the city was redoing the park and the parking area leaving us without needed parking space for the parish.  Stop and Shop gave us permission to use a section of their parking lot, and we offer our sincere thanks to them as well.  However, that still left us with the problem of getting some people, especially our elderly, from there to the church.  Kevin and Richard stepped up and very generously offered their services to support us, and again I simply want to say thank you and God bless you.

Fr. James Barry

Help needed finding old Lantern Yearbooks

Dear Editor:

You may know that for many years I have been collecting Revere High School yearbooks.

My goal is to give an entire set to the Revere History Museum.

My oldest yearbook is from 1938, and my newest is 2016.

But I am missing seven years:

 All years before 1938, and








 I have been buying what I can find on Ebay, but I seem to have bought all “Lanterns” available there.

 So I am appealing to you.

Perhaps you know someone who has one of these missing books who would be willing to donate or sell it. I am happy to pay a fair price.

 In these days of tracing family trees, I get questions about parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. I am always happy when I can provide a family member with knowledge of their loved ones’ experience at RHS.

We want every graduate of Revere High School to be remembered in Revere’s own museum.

Carol Tye, School

Committee Member

Speaking about open space in Revere

Dear Editor:

I was so honored to speak before The Revere City Council on Monday, July 25 about the benefits of the Community Preservation Act. While attending your city council meeting the familiar issues of needed recreational parks was addressed. I am glad to say that communities just like Revere have petitioned for the Community Preservation Act and want their community to put this issue on the November ballot. These neighboring cities and towns have elected to put this issue on the ballot so they can address the same issues that effect us all.

If the City of Revere also elects to put this issue on the ballot it can address the need of:

  • Needed Parks and Historical Beach Recreation;
  • To help 1st time home buyers

If the city council passes this measure, residents of Revere would be allowed to vote to adopt the act in November.

If it passes in November, it would create a preservation trust fund which would do three things:

(1) Help preserve Historic Revere Beach to draw tourism and help local businesses;

(2) Create a fund to protect open space parks and sports fields;

(3) Create affordable housing funds, to help long time Revere residents purchase an affordable home.

If Revere is an early adopter of the Community Preservation Act, Revere could receive the largest amount of matching funds due to a minimum of communities being involved.  Some communities such as Wellesley have receive over $400,000 from their county Register of Deeds.

I would like to close by saying thank you to all the Revere residents who have made me feel at home with the gracious welcome I have received.  Thank you, to the Revere City Council for allowing me to speak before this honorable body

on an issue I believe we will be working on together in the near future.

My Thanks to All  Revere Residents

Jeff Ross

Candidate for Suffolk County Register of Deeds


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