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Dear Editor:

It is time for all Revere residents totell how the Wheelabrator incinerator and ash landfill on Rte. 107 in Saugus is affecting us. Because their ash landfill is almost full and they want an okay to keep dumping into the marsh  for another five years, state environmental agencies are asking for your comments.

I believe we all share in having grave concerns about the impact that Wheelabrator has had and continues to have on our quality of life in Revere. Having lived in the Riverside neighborhood for over 30 years, I am concerned about the abundance of cancer cases, autoimmune diseases, and respiratory issues my family members and neighbors have experienced. I believe we have a right to know what role Wheelabrator and its ash landfill may have played in these illnesses.

Even though Wheelabrator’s landfill, which is located in the Rumney Marsh, is very close to reaching capacity, they feel it is their right to continue dumping their ash allegedly containing lead, mercury, cadmium and dioxin into it for another five years. Never mind that they were supposed to close 20 years ago. We need to know the environmental impact the ash is having on the Rumney Marsh, which is vulnerable and an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) as well as the Pines River. Right now there is an opportunity to demand a full Environmental Impact Report while also allowing the Revere Board of Health to be involved. This report would go a long way in answering the health and environmental impact questions we most certainly need answered. They are asking the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to allow them to continue conducting business as usual without our input.

This is where all concerned citizens come in. We currently have an opportunity to demand some answers. Please join me in writing letters insisting that this ash landfill be closed now. Wheelabrator does not have the right to perpetuate this alleged environmental disaster for another five years.  Insist on an Environmental Impact Report. Insist that the Revere Board of Health has a say in the process. To do this, write to the following before July 26:

Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs

Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)

Attn: MEPA Office – Ms. Page Czepiga EEA No. 15525

100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900

Boston, MA 02114

Use email address [email protected]

Or send through the regular mail.

I believe every person living around the Wheelabrator incinerator and ash landfill has a right to know its impacts. Exercise that right, and send your comments.

 Loretta LaCentra


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