Delvecchio Receives Service Award at St Mary’s


The William F. Connell ‘55 Service Awards are presented at St. Mary’s as recognition of consistent and exemplary service. The awards are in memory of St. Mary’s alumni and benefactor William F. Connell whose generous donation to St. Mary’s enabled the construction of the Connell Center building. A committee consisting of St. Mary’s staff and administrators, trustees, and members of the Connell family plan and present the program each year. The Connell Service Awards aim to introduce a higher level of awareness for the value of service to our students. It is our hope that they will learn how it is woven into the mission of St. Mary’s, and into the charism of who we are as a community of faith that supports others.
The 2016 student recipient of The William F. Connell ‘55 Service Awards Student Scholarship is Revere resident Anthony DelVecchio ‘17. Anthony’s essay along with teacher and peer recommendations
secured his position as a worthy recipient of this year’s award. Anthony’s essay highlighted
his service work with St. Mary’s campus ministry team which includes hours of service through Hunger for Justice and Rachel’s Challenge. Anthony is also an active service work participant outside of school through his work with Project Px and an initiative Anthony started  named “Soler
Power” which provides shoes to impoverished areas in the Dominican Republic where Anthony works to build houses for the community. Anthony is a student athlete at St. Mary’s and focuses on William F. Connell’s favorite saying which hangs on a banner in St. Mary’s hallway “Love God, Do Your Best, Take Care of One Another.” Anthony is a great example of someone who lives their life accomplishing all three.

Anthony and all of the recipients were honored at a luncheon in the William and Teresa G. Connell Library named after William F. Connell’s parents. Anthony is pictured here (center) with his brother
Robert, sister Amara, father Anthony Sr., mother Lenore and grandmother Rosetta.

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