Letter to the Editor

Thank you Vertuccio  & Smith Funeral Home

Dear Editor:

The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center is extremely grateful to Ralph P. Vertuccio, Jr. and Danny S. Smith of Vertuccio & Smith Funeral Home for the surprise donation of assorted pastries, cannolis, cookies, and mini-pastries from Luberto’s Bakery.  Ralph and Danny have a wonderful giving reputation that is well-deserved. Thankfully we are the beneficiary of their recent gesture. The seniors and staff feel very touched by their generosity and are totally indebted to them as a result of their kindness.

The Revere Office of Elder Affairs and Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center continues to reshape, re-invigorate, and re-evaluate our offering of excellent programs, services and activities for seniors to the best of our ability. We have strived to become a welcoming and inviting Senior Center, embedded and passionately involved in the Revere community and in the lives of senior we serve each day. The senior population is the largest, single, and fastest-growing segment of Revere. As of the last census the recorded number of seniors (over 60 years old) in Revere is just over 10,000. We serve approximately 20 percent of them and our participants are growing each day.

For more information about the center contact: Revere Office of Elder Affairs/ Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center, 25 Winthrop Ave., Revere, MA 02151 at (781) 286-8156 or visit the Office of Elder Affairs department page (control & click to follow the link):  http://www.revere.org/departments/elder-affairs

Stephen W. Fielding

Director, Revere Office of Elder Affairs &

Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center

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