Morabito Announces Candidacy for Senate

After more than 15 years of serving our Commonwealth, Senator Anthony Petruccelli has elected to resign his seat as State Senator. As someone who is a life-long resident of the First Suffolk & Middlesex District, I’d like to thank him for representing us with such dedication and distinction. He is a true public servant and his successor will have some large shoes to fill.

 I have the privilege of serving the citizens of Revere as their City Councilor-at-Large and I am grateful that my colleagues recently elected me Vice President of that body. In the time I›ve been on the council, I have learned how integral the Commonwealth is in helping municipalities function and in addressing the problems that face us.  Some issues like potholes and broken street lamps are easily resolved, while others are unique to an individual area such as sea walls which may become necessary if global warming eventually threatens our shorelines.

Other issues are more regional like the performance issues we’re seeing within MBTA or Massport’s efforts to improve the quality of life for those who live near Logan Airport. However, there are other problems that are more systemic and permeate across nearly all cities and towns regardless of geographic location or demographic make-up. These are many of the issues that people are talking to me about. They are concerned with the opioid epidemic that has touched nearly all of us, especially in my hometown of Revere. While it is a national problem, the threat of terrorism has people extremely frightened and it is the concern I hear about the most. We must never forget the Boston Marathon bombing. A final concern that I often hear from people is the increase in gun violence in the communities within the district and it is taking place in every area including places such as Beacon Hill.

As is the norm in a Presidential election year, we hear a lot of rhetoric being thrown around between candidates. Unfortunately in this election, certain viewpoints are particularly harsh in tone and social impact. As someone who is the child of immigrants, I saw how hard my grandparents and my mother worked to create a good life in America.  I see that same spirit in the many hard-working citizens of the senate district that may have been born elsewhere but now call America home. So, when I hear people demonize our fellow citizens simply because of where they were born, it offends me personally. The hard working people of this country need someone who understands what it’s like to work for a living.

As soon as I was old enough to work, I did.  I worked many years in retail at Johnnie’s Foodmaster Supermarkets as a Manager, a job that I loved because I got to interact with people and help them in any way that I could. It was that experience that made me want to become a city councilor. It was while working at Johnnie’s Foodmaster Supermarkets that I pursued a college education at Salem State University receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Also, it was while working at Johnnie’s that I found I really enjoyed helping people. I have continued to help people in my community through my work on the City Council and I was very humbled to see that work rewarded when the people of Revere re-elected me this past fall.

I am currently a Realtor for Century 21 Northshore. This position has helped me to gain understanding of the housing market and its implications for folks seeking to buy homes. Like at Johnnie’s Foodmaster Supermarkets, I feel that this job also allows me to help people in reaching one of the most important decisions they make in a lifetime: Buying a house.

Many of the issues that my constituents are talking to me about, some of which I’ve mentioned, cannot be solved through my work on the city council alone. However, I still want to help solve these problems not only for my friends and supporters in Revere but for the good people of the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Cambridge, Chinatown, East Boston, the North End, and Winthrop and everywhere in between.

I have been a tireless advocate for the people of Revere and I want to bring my energy and vigor to Beacon Hill to tackle not only the small problems that are easily fixed, but the larger ones that aren’t easily fixed. I said that whoever succeeds Senator Petruccelli has some large shoes to fill. I believe that I am that person. I pledge to build on what Senator Petruccelli has accomplished.

Steve Morabito

Steve Morabito

I am therefore announcing my candidacy for State Senator for the First Suffolk & Middlesex district of Massachusetts. I will campaign in every neighborhood in the district. I look forward to personally meeting the voters of the district to learn about their concerns and suggestions.

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