Rizzo Will Run for State Senate Seat

Saying that he still has the fire to serve the public, former Revere mayor Dan Rizzo has announced that he will be a candidate for the State Senate seat in the First Suffolk and Middlesex District that includes the entire city of Revere.

Rizzo also pointed to his impressive record of accomplishments during the past four years as mayor in making the announcement that he will seek the position currently held by Sen. Anthony Petruccelli, who is stepping down from the position.

“I believe we have done a lot of great things here in the city that we can look back on and be proud of,” said Rizzo. “And I don’t feel as though I’m through.”

The city’s former chief executive believes that the Senate seat presents “an opportunity for Revere that we haven’t had in decades where we can elect a Revere senator to represent the entire First Suffolk and Middlesex District.”

The last Revere resident to hold the seat was Fran Doris, who served as state senator from 1980 to 1990.

Rizzo said having been mayor and before that a city councillor for 12 years, he “would bring a unique perspective coming from a municipal background because everything that happens at a state level ultimately trickles down to a municipal level.”

Rizzo feels reenergized and committed to begin his senatorial campaign.

“I’m excited about the race – I still have the fire in me to serve,” said Rizzo. “There’s no better feeling that I get than when I am able to do something that positively impacts people’s lives on a daily basis. I think the State Senate and the Legislature are a vehicle for me to continue that service.”

Rizzo said he was disappointed that he didn’t win a second term as mayor in November. Councillor-at-Large Brian Arrigo won in a hotly contested election.

“I felt strongly that we would have been rewarded a second term but the voters had their say and we live with that decision,” said Rizzo. “I think there were some things that I underestimated.”

Rizzo will highlight his record as mayor in the campaign. During his term, he said the city’s bond rating was upgraded, allowing the city to borrow at a lower interest rate. He doubled the amount of money in the rainy day fund. The Revere school system, a national model for urban school districts, continued its performance at a high level.

Citing his administration’s commitment to public safety, Rizzo noted that crime in the city was down 15 percent.

Rizzo also led the way for the construction of the new Harry Della Russo Stadium, the adjoining tennis and basketball courts and a regulation track. The new Hill Elementary School located next to the stadium represents a prodigious combination of academics and athletics and a dual accomplishment for Rizzo, standing side by side majestically on Park Avenue.

“These are strategies, policies and values that I can bring to the State Legislature,” said Rizzo. “New stadiums, new schools, new parks – they all play in to quality of life for people. And when you’re looking to keep families in our community, we need to give people a reason to stay. I think you do that by giving them amenities that they would maybe only get in other more affluent communities.”

Rizzo said he wishes the new mayoral administration well.

Dan Rizzo

Dan Rizzo

“I live here. I have a business [Rizzo Insurance Agency] here. I’d love to have a unified city.”

Rizzo previously ran for State Senate in 2007, receiving 80 percent of the vote in Revere in a special election that was won by Petruccelli, East Boston’s state representative at that time.

2 comments for “Rizzo Will Run for State Senate Seat

  1. Mike andrews
    January 22, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    The people of Revere voted Dan Rizzo out as mayor after just one term. Now he wants to come back as a senator so that he can continue being on the public DOLE. Steve Morabito will receive more votes than Dan Rizzo. Dan should stick to insurance which he does well (I’m a customer) and go back to running Casa Lucia. Is he going to become another John Correggio and not get the message by being the thing that wouldn’t leave? Speaking of being in denial, John still has his web site up stating that he is a councilor at large.

  2. Sore Voter
    January 27, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    I could not have said it better, Mike. Dan Rizzo is a sore loser that put our city through a needless recount which he clearly lost. He is a legend in his own mind. I hope voters remember this and refuse to send him to the Senate. I have hope- the voters did the same thing to John Corregio after he stole the council seat from Steve Morabito in 2011. Well, we came back with a vengeance in 2013 and kicked him out of office, and thankfully kept him out in 2015, where it wasn’t even close. Rizzo and Corregio should get together and commiserate.

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