Letters to the Editor

Writing about high water rates

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reference to the very high water bills we received this past quarter. Ours had doubled, and inquiring throughout our neighborhood, found that everybody else’s had increased for no apparent reason. Upon calling City Hall, the water dept. advised us to have a plumber check for leaks, and along with two water department employees, found no leaks. The other day, a campaign worker for the mayor came through our neighborhood and told us there are many leaking pipes under the streets and that is the cause, and the mayor had gone to Washington to try to get funding to fix them.

My question is, if the  mayor knew this, why did he let those bills go out as they were?  This is not a good thing to do when you are trying to win an election. You are not being honest with the people of Revere.

Think about it, Mr. Mayor.

Catherine A. Shaffer


Hoping for another mayoral debate

Dear Editor,

Recently, the Revere Chamber of Commerce proposed the sponsorship of a second mayoral debate between candidates Mayor Dan Rizzo and Councillor Brian Arrigo. The debate, like many debates between candidates for political office, was to be sponsored by the Chamber, but moderated by the local newsgroups in a format to be set forth by such moderators. To clarify, the Chamber was to have absolutely no involvement with the preparation of questions to be asked and in fact, its only request was that the moderators consider participation from the community in drafting these questions.

The Chamber is proud to be a strong advocate for the Revere business community and we work hard every day to ensure our membership has access to networking, continuing education, management resources and advocacy within our community, regardless of the administration.

As part of our advocacy, we hope the candidates can come to an agreement on a debate, even if it is not hosted by the Chamber, to educate our members on issues they face as part of the Revere business community.

Very Truly Yours,

Kerri Bryce Abrams


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