Letters to the Editor

Supporting Matthew Amato

Thank you for your correspondence and request for donation. The Committee on Political Education Local 2222 met earlier to discuss all political matters and endorsements. The committee concurred that we must support those who support us. As a labor union, we believe in improving the lives of all working families. We are excited about your candidacy and are encouraged by your commitment to public service. IBEW Local 2222 is proud to endorse you in this race. We wish you much success and thank you again for your commitment to our members and their families.

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else we can assist you with.


Brendan Keogh

COPE Chairman

IBEW Local 2222


Supporting John Correggio

This letter is to inform you that the BAC Local 3 Officers have endorsed the candidacy of John Correggio for the Revere City Council – At Large.

John Correggio is a strong union advocate who has always stood steadfast for workers rights and justice in the workplace. As a former City Councilor, he was instrumental in assuring that construction projects in the City of Revere were built 100% union, something which has unfortunately been lacking since John left the council.

As you are well aware, working families in Revere and surrounding communities are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Building developers are lining their pockets with money by hiring non-union contractors who are breaking down conditions and paying substantial wages. We need to send John Correggio back to City Council to fight for union jobs in the City of Revere.

We strongly urge you and your family members to cast your vote for John Correggio for Revere City Council on primary election day, Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

Fraternally yours,

Charles Raso



Where is the help?

So a few months ago during the wintertime, I posted a letter regarding how dilapidated the sidewalks on Mountain Avenue were.

After a few attempts, I finally met with my Ward 4 Councilor, Mr. Reardon. He stated that he was going to assist me in getting a petition together to get the sidewalks fixed in the spring or summer.

During that time my father was walking his dog one evening and fell over a large crack in the sidewalk and had severely bruised his face and broke his nose.

Since then I have not heard from Mr. Reardon. I find this lack of concern for the citizens of Ward 4, in particular Mountain Avenue, to be downright disrespectful.

I believe that every neighborhood should be kept up, so that children may be able to walk and play and ride their toys, and the elderly should be able to go for a stroll with-out having to worry about getting hurt.

While I am grateful to see a new school being built right around the corner from my residence, the fact is that kids still have to walk to school and should not have to worry about falling.

This has been an ongoing battle to get these sidewalks repaired and I have never seen it resolved.

But yet they waste money to put an island on the corner of Hysil and Park Avenue and, at the same time, Hancock Street gets new sidewalks and a new street paving.

Remember this, election time is only around the corner. I am going to make up a petition myself and go door-to-door and ask for the community to back me on getting this done before winter.

I hereby invite the councillor and City officials to walk Mountain Avenue and see first-hand the horrific status of the sidewalks from Adams Street to the end of Mountain Avenue.

I believe it’s time for a change in many of these positions at City Hall.

 Craig N. Lander

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