Heavy Fundraising, Heavy Spending in Races Leading up to Preliminary

At least two of the candidates for mayor in next Tuesday’s Preliminary Election have raised a good amount of money prior to the Sept. 1 election, and have spent most of it as well, according to campaign finance reports filed with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) on Monday.

The third candidate, Cheryl Whittredge, had not filed a report by Journal deadlines. The filed reports cover the period from Jan. 1 to Aug. 24.

Incumbent Mayor Dan Rizzo started the period with $20,920 and raised a whopping $137,356 to add to that total. However, Mayor Rizzo spent $99,564 during the period, leaving him with $58,710 in the campaign chest heading into the potential November City Election.

Rizzo spent the most on campaign strategy firms, paying MLM (Meredith Lerner Moghimi) Strategies of Charlestown and Lewis Wharf $21,710 during the period. He also paid Campaign Coordinator/Strategist Valentino Capobianco of Winthrop $11,961, and Sage Systems $6,825.

The mayor also spent on several fundraisers, including $2,700 for St. Patrick’s Day at DeMaino’s, $6,885 to Spinelli’s for fundraisers, and $3,430 to Kinship Floral for flowers for fundraisers and in general.

He spent $3,750 on rent for his headquarters and $2,676 on various printed materials.

The mayor also has an ongoing liability to himself for loans to his campaign – reported on Dec. 31, 2014 – of $38,006.

Meanwhile, Challenger Brian Arrigo, currently an at-Large city councillor, raised $26,985 during the period and spent $20,916. He is left with $6,069 for any potential November City Election run.

Arrigo has spent the bulk of his money on printing services with Connolly Printing at $8,398. He has also spent $1,517 on printing with Madison Print.

The remainder of his expenses are with advertising in the local media. He has a liability of loans to himself  for $2,674.

Both men would have to defeat Whittredge to clear their campaigns on to the City Election.

In the Council at-Large race – which will also be featured on the ballot next Tuesday, Sept. 1 – the leader in money right now is incumbent Councillor Bob Haas, who has $24,002 heading into a possible City Election in November.

Haas raised $2,525 during the period and spent $3,183, mostly on donations and campaign materials.

Incumbent Councillor Jessica Giannino raised $14,070 during the period, which was the most raised by any Council candidate by quite a bit. Added to her existing balance, it gave her $25,498 and she spent $3,781. Most of that ($1,329) came for a fund-raiser at DeMaino’s. She goes into a possible November City Election with $21,718.

Challenger John Correggio has also been very active in fundraising, adding $9,260 in donations to his existing balance. He had $14,093 for the period and spent $11,490. Most of his spending came for political consultant Janice Vetrano, at $3,000. He spent $1,995 on printing with Northrup Print and $3,355 for advertisements with local media. He heads into a potential November City Election with $2,603.

Another active fund-raiser has been challenger Matt Amato, who raised $8,040 in a short time – with $3,540 coming in small donations under $50. Amato has spent $2,561, with the bulk of that coming from $2,200 in expenses for his kick-off party at the Marina at the Wharf. He goes into a potential November City Election with $5,478.

Incumbent Councillor Tony Zambuto has also been busy in raising money, adding $8,460 to his existing balance – taking him to $10,185. During the period, he spent $3,155, mostly in donations. He goes into a potential City Election with $7,029.

Challenger Mike Falzone has had a pretty successful fund-raising season in his first run, getting $7,000 in contributions. He spent $6,800 during the period on campaign items ($800 on pens) and printing ($1,250 with Madison Print). He goes into a possible November City Election with $201.

Challenger Priscilla Nickerson has run a self-funded campaign, putting in $5,031 of her own money and spending $2,158 – mostly for signs, stickers and advertisements. She goes into any potential November election with $2,874.

Incumbent Councillor Steven Morabito raised $1,100 and had $1,440 for the period. He spent $1,124 during the period and comes out with $316.

Challenger Ed O’Hara has financed his own campaign, putting in $1,850 and spending the same amount, mostly on ads.

Challenger Catherine Penn gathered $1,700 in contributions and a loan to her campaign. She spent $1,623 on campaign items such as stickers, cards and emery boards. She has a balance of $77.

Challenger Fran Sarro raised $1,350, including a $400 loan from himself to the campaign. He spent $1,332 during the period and has $18 remaining.

The only candidate for the at-Large race that did not turn in a Campaign Finance Report to the City by the deadline of Monday was Challenger George Rotondo.

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