Priscilla Nickerson Announces her Candidacy for Councilor-At-Large

My name is Priscilla (Solimine) Nickerson and I am a candidate for Councilor-at-Large. I am a life long resident of the City of Revere and deeply devoted to this community.

I have been happily married and partners in business with my husband Raymond for the past 22 years.

As a manager of multiple properties, businesses, and budgets throughout my career, I am proven to be fiscally responsible. If given the opportunity to serve on the city council, I plan to bring my business savvy expertise with me.

During the past fifteen years I have managed local and state political campaigns and have volunteered on numerous committees, including the design and development of the DiSalvo Park at the Whelan/Susan B. Anthony School. I also co-chaired on the Mayor’s Transition Team on Elder Services, providing more senior services and much needed repairs to the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center. In addition, I co-chair the West Revere Neighborhood Group which strives to not only bring the community together with informative meetings, it also brings awareness to the residents of present and future projects throughout our city. Since it’s establishment I have been an active member of the Revere Shines Committee, which works together to beautify the City of Revere.

As co-chair of the Murals Committee, my goal is to revitalize and refurbish the underpasses throughout our community. In December of 2012, I founded the annual Santa Walk, which will benefit small projects throughout the city. Most recently, I have served on the Dog Park Committee and alongside other members have helped develop and construct Revere’s 1st ever dog park located at the Sargent Street off ramp.

While serving on these committees I am proud to say that the City of Revere has not incurred any additional cost to the taxpayers. All funding was acquired from either grants or private funding. I intend to approach all future projects with the same intent to exhaust all funding before reaching into the city’s budget.

Lastly, I am a staunch supporter of public safety, whether it be working with the police department or the DPW to insure that our city streets are safe.

Thank you for taking the time to read my political announcement. I openly accept the challenge of fulfilling the needs of our community. I respectfully hope that you consider me as one of your votes in the upcoming election for Councilor-at-Large.

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