Haas Seeks Re-Election as Councilor At-Large

Councilor-at-Large Bob Haas has announced his canddidacy for re-election.  The following is his announcement:

“My name is Bob Haas and I am a candidate for re-election for Councilor at-Large. I am a lifelong resident of Revere.

I married my Revere High School classmate, Juanita Brandariz, 48 years ago. We have three children: Jennifer, Rachel and Bobby. We also have three grandchildren: Brayden, Luca and Noah.

My two daughters own homes here.

My wife and I live at 350 Revere Beach Boulevard and have resided there for the past year. Upon graduation, I entered the military service. I then worked for the National Shawmut Bank of Boston for 10 years as an accountant. During that time I went to Northeastern University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

I started Haas Business Forms, a small business company selling business forms and printing, 41 years ago. I served as charter president of the Revere Jaycees and was selected as one of the ‘Outstanding Young Men of America.’ I received the Paul Harris Fellow, which is the highest honor awarded by Rotary International. I served as president of the Revere Rotary Club, and I was also one of the organizers of the Revere Chamber of Commerce.

You, the citizens of Revere, honored me in 1979 by electing me to serve as your councilor at large. I served 12 consecutive years.

You then elected me as your mayor in 1991 and I served four terms in office, which covered eight years. Then in 2003, I ran for councilor at large and was successful. I still hold that seat today.

Economic Development

The city secured more than 100 million dollars in investments while I was mayor. These included two new hotels and two other hotels, which featured major expansions. Hotels add much-needed revenue to the city’s tax base.

We also received an additional 6 percent room occupancy tax.

In addition, one new super Stop & shop, which is located across from Showcase Cinema, opened during my time as mayor.


Many new programs were created during my time as mayor. These included a new senior shuttle bus, a new senior citizens building on Winthrop Avenue, which was formerly the K of C building, as well as a Senior Day at Showcase Cinema.

We also worked to save the old Immaculate Conception Priest Rectory, which was turned into our Revere Historical building.

Also, when I became mayor the city had a free-cash deficit of $5.2 million and we eliminated that deficit and created a surplus of $900,000.

In addition, the last time taxpayers received a tax reduction was when I served as mayor.

We also addressed flooding issues throughout the city and added two new tide gates along North Shore Road, Martin Street and on Route 1 at the Showcase Cinema site. We also contracted for the regular cleaning of the Eastern County Ditch, and implemented Roughan’s Point Flood Protection Plan, which resulted in residents in the area not having to pay flood insurance.

We also addressed areas that would help the city bring in additional revenue when we had new water meters installed throughout the city. Some residential ands commercial water meters had been broken for 20 years. So me even had tags that read ‘Do Not Read.’

We also applied for school-assistance funding for the building of new schools at a reimbursement rate of 90 percent. The Department of Education accepted our request. As a result, through the strong efforts of our state delegation, mayor, city council, school committee, superintendent and administration, new schools were built in Revere.

They included the West Revere School Complex, the Rumney Marsh Academy, the Paul Revere School and the Staff Sergeant James J. Hill School, which is set to open this month.

Other development plans that moved forward included the building of a BJ’s store, Channel Development at Bell (Mahoney) circle, Roseland Development, Surf Side Lofts and The Atlantica. Eurovest’s transit-oriented development – A Mixed-Used Development – is the largest development on the North Shore.

I was also very proud to vote in favor of the state-of-the-art police and fire complex. Now, more than ever, the mayor, council and citizens of Revere must come together to work for the future of our fine city.

We must look at the long-term building opportunities at Suffolk Downs and Wonderland. We need commercial and condo development, and not residential development.

I believe Revere has a great future and I want to be a part of it. Now, more than ever.

Encouraged by your past support, I would like to use my experience, leadership and integrity to help the city council and the city I love.

Please cast one of your five votes for me on November 1.

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