Conservation Commission Approves Development

The Conservation Commission has unanimously approved an order of conditions for a new development where the former Shaw’s was at 205 Revere Beach Parkway.

Last Wednesday afternoon the commission held a public hearing on the notice of intent filed by TransDel Corp./Gate Residential of Boston.

Developers plan to build two, six-story apartment buildings after removing the Shaw’s store, which has been closed since 2011. The 6.2 acre site has a creek running at the back of the property. There are also wetland areas and the border land is subject to flooding.

The westerly building will have 149 units with 52 parking spaces in the garage and 72 storage spaces for bicycles. The easterly building will have 152, 53 garage parking spaces and storage for 54 bicycles. The existing parking lot will be repaved and have room for 246 parking spaces and raised to address the flood water elevation. A retaining wall will be constructed on the backside of the lot near the creek. The property line actually extends into the creek. As part of the project the creek will also have surface debris removed. The structures will also be made flood proof.

Andre Cajolet, of Garfield Street, expressed concern for snow being dumped in the creek, and how the development will impact the sewer system. Developers are working with the city on sewer system capacity. He also questioned why the meeting was being held at 4:15 pm. ConCom Chairman explained that the ConCom meetings are always held at that time and have been for several years because of staffing.

“This will be an improvement of the current conditions,” said Hilary Holmes, representing the developer. “We will make the wall presentable and landscape along the wall.”

“We are very excited that developers with a successful track record for millennial workforce housing, Mark Robinson, Mark White and the Redgate team, are putting together such a strong proposal for the long abandoned Shaw’s site,” said Mayor Dan Rizzo. “Seventy-five million dollars in private investment in Revere is a project sure to benefit local businesses, and attract a burgeoning demographic to our city, millennials who work in the new economy.”

“The Conservation Commission did their due diligence as is required for most any project regarding flooding issues and erosion. However, the project still needs City Council approval. That involves the council looking at the traffic impacts on the city and other services like public safety,” said City Council President John Powers. “My own personal opinion is I think it’s too much of an impact on the city. I can’t understand why we’re taking commercial property and replacing it with residential property. We need to be doing the opposite.”

An order was voted, it becomes effective 10 days after issuance, likely to be on August 12, 2015. Appeals can be filed with the Department of Environmental Protection within the 10 days. Forms for appeals are available on the DEP website under Water Resources/Wetland Protection and the Revere Conservation Commission website.

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