School Committeewoman Wood Pruitt’s Fate Still Unknown

School Committee member Donna Wood Pruitt hasn’t been seen at any school functions in the last two weeks, yet it is unclear whether or not she will resign from the School Committee due to allegations she sold prescription drugs via Facebook to an undercover State Police Trooper.

Wood Pruitt did not sit with the School Committee during graduation last Thursday at the new Della Russo Stadium, nor did she attend the School Committee meeting Tuesday night. Before the meeting began, incoming Superintendent of Schools Dianne Kelly removed Wood Pruitt’s nameplate and moved down nameplates for School Committee member Stacey Rizzo and Carol Tye.

No explanation was given.

No School Committee member or public official commented about Wood Pruitt, although several members of the School Committee have said publicly they would like Wood Pruitt to resign.

It was also the last School Committee meeting for retiring Superintendent Paul Dakin.

A clerk’s hearing for Pruitt was scheduled for last Wednesday in Chelsea District Court. The case has been moved to July where it may be moved to be heard by a judge. A clerk’s hearing is not public, but a hearing before a judge is public.

Wood Pruitt has stated that she will not make any comment until the case is resolved.

Wood Pruitt was summonsed to Chelsea District Court in June after an undercover State Police officer was brought to her home by a family friend. Information was found on the Internet that she was selling leftover prescription medication, also known as a Class E drug. The medication was for diabetes and cholesterol control.

Wood Pruitt has been a member of the School Committee for over a decade and was planning to run for re-election in November.

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