Letters to the Editor

Lucille Fabiano

Outstanding job

Dear Editor:

I join the Journal in commending the City for the outstanding job that was done during our long and snowy week. The Revere DPW worked tirelessly during this seemingly endless time. I have seen a few of the workers and they look totally exhausted! Thanks to all of them.

But I think it is absolutely necessary to also commend the DCR for the outstanding job that they have done at Revere Beach. The Boulevard has been completely plowed and the sidewalks have been cleared from Eliot Circle to Carey Circle. Not many people realize that the crew, managed by Brian Kelly, is one that is dedicated to the maintenance of the beach. They take great pride in Revere Beach and it shows.

Thank you Revere Beach DCR crew for the work that you do on Revere Beach all year.

Carol Haney

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