Dr. Paul Dakin and His Tremendous Impact on the School System

The Revere public school system has made tremendous progress under the leadership of Supt. of Schools Dr. Paul Dakin.

There has been national and statewide recognition on an annual basis for our schools, affirming Dr. Dakin’s excellence as an administrator and an innovator.

Revere students are receiving a well-rounded education. The administrators and teachers are dedicatedly carrying out the school’s mission and helping our students prepare for college and careers.

Dr. Dakin has made it a point to support students in their extracurricular activities and sports participation. The new football stadium and outdoor track that will be ready for the 2015 season will provide a big boost to our student-athletes. In a nice sports/academic connection, a brand new elementary school is rising next door to the stadium.

Others have joined Dr. Dakin in contributing much to the success of our school system. Former Mayors Bob Haas and Tom Ambrosino and current Mayor Dan Rizzo have been advocates for our schools and made sure that Revere students are receiving all the necessary resources to pursue their goals. Mayor Rizzo can be so proud of his efforts to bring a first-class, state-of-the-art football stadium that will be used by our sports teams, including the city’s superb Revere Pop Warner football teams and cheerleading squads (who are perenial qualifiers for the national championships).

Former Supt. of Schools Carol Tye set the foundation upon which Dr. Dakin continued the strides toward making our school system the outstanding one it is today. Tye and her colleagues on the School Committee, including Chairman Dan Rizzo, have been a willing and cooperative partner with Dr. Dakin.

With the announcement that Dr. Dakin will leave his position in December, 2015, the School Committee has begun its search for a successor. We know that the School Committee will be diligent in this vital responsibility. There are big shoes to fill and the next superintendent of schools will have to work hard to continue the progress and accomplishments that have marked Dr. Dakin’s A-plus tenure.

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