Letter to the Editor

On the Logan Airport health study findings

To the Editor:

Regarding your story “Officials meet with Massport on Logan Health Study findings” (June 18) I am grateful that Senator Petruccelli, Speaker DeLeo, Rep. Vincent and Rep. Basile are concerned about the health of communities surrounding Logan Airport.  Unmentioned in the article are the employees of Logan Airport, most of whom are from the surrounding communities, who are even more subjected to these health risks from being in daily contact with airport functions. Moreover, many of the employee’s specific work areas have been noted for their lack of safety.  But marginalizing workers at Logan Airport is nothing new. The vast majority of Logan employees work at minimum wage and have rarely seen an increase in their pay. Benefits are non-existent. Efforts to organize are met with fierce resistance by unscrupulous contractors who even resort to illegal intimidation to prevent workers from organizing. Ultimately, only Massport can enforce a living wage policy at the airport and ensure that workers are treated properly. I hope that the above-mentioned public officials will demand a meeting with Massport about these issues as well.

Joseph McHugh

North Shore Road

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