Top 100 Salaries: City Payroll on the Rise, Two Topped $200K in 2013


1. Paul Dakin                           Superintendent               222,330.42

2. Terrence Reardon                Police Captain                202,445.70

DETAILS 67,226.00

3. Joseph Cafarelli                   Police Chief                   198,719.32

4. Glenn Malley                       Police Lt.                                  179,296.46

DETAILS 45,325.50

5. James Guido                        Police Executive Officer 178,701.06

DEATAILS 34,164.50

6. David Callahan                    Police Lt.                                  177,328.20

DETAILS 35,399.00

7. Jeremiah Goodwin

Police Lt.                      173,949.97

DETAILS 43,547.50

8. Eugene Doherty                   Fire Chief                                  165,037.72

9. William Gannon                  Police Captain                151,672.29

DETAILS 25,210.00

10. Louis LaRosa                      Police Officer                            149,617.58

DETAILS 68,675.50

The City payroll has increased by $15.7 million in the last three years and police and fire detail payments increased to nearly $2 million in 2013.

The City’s annual payroll figures were released this week by the Director of Finance’s office, and it was a story of major payroll increases that included two employees earning more than $200,000 and 129 employees earning more than $100,000.

The City’s overall payroll increased from $80.667 million in 2012 to $86.415 million in 2013 – compared to $70.662 million in 2010.

The first person to earn more than $200,000 on the City’s payroll came just two years ago, and the first person to earn more than $100,000 came in 2001 – just 12 years ago.

Last year, in an anomaly, Police Capt. Terence Reardon was the first to make $300,000 in one year. Rather than a straight salary, that was mostly due to the captain getting an early and lucrative buyout from his contract as Chief of Police.

This year, Supt. Paul Dakin topped the list of highest paid employees, making $222,340 last year.

“I’m very appreciative of the salary I make, and really it’s a function of how long I’ve been on the job,” he said. “It’s how the contract is written. It’s a lot of money for a job that takes a lot of work and hopefully I’m doing it to the degree that the taxpayers are happy with my performance as superintendent of schools…I never even thought I would be superintendent or make superintendent kind of money when I set out on a career path to be a teacher. I didn’t even know what a superintendent did. I landed here and it’s been a ride.”

Second on the list was Reardon, who made $202,445 last year – a figure that includes some $67,226 in police detail payments. All police salaries on the list include detail payments, which are paid through a combination of private money and public money. Police and Fire employees who work details are paid by the hour, and work in addition to their normal shifts.

Third on the list was Police Chief Joe Cafarelli, who came in at $198,719 – just under the $200,000 mark. Last year, in his first year on the job, Cafarelli made $165,432. By contract, Cafarelli is not permitted to work details.

Cafarelli told the Journal that his salary and those of other police officers was in line with surrounding communities. He also defended the detail pay for officers, saying most of it is paid by private firms and allows the police to have extra sets of eyes on the streets.

“Police salaries are commensurate with surrounding cities and towns,” said Cafarelli. “Please be aware that a significant portion of those salaries are funded by private contractors or vendors in the form of paid details. This benefits the city two fold. First. The city benefits by having additional officers on the street, ready to respond if necessary, to any emergencies. And second, a portion of the monies earned goes to the city for administrative purposes.”

The rest of the top five included:

•Police Lt. Glenn Malley, $179,296.46

•Police Executive Officer James Guido, $$178,701.06.

Other notables on the list included Mayor Dan Rizzo, who made $131,356.78 last year. That was an increase of $13,591 over last year. In contrast, former Mayor Tom Ambrosino made $126,492 in his last year on the job – which was 2011.

Also, Economic Development Director John Festa took in $96,409 last year, getting a raise of $7,764 in the second year of the newly created position. City Planner Frank Stringi also saw a pay increase, getting a $6,221 raise over last year – now making $110,393.

Of the top 100 earners, Police and School employees dominated the list. There were 43 police on the list of 100 and 39 school employees. Ten employees were from the Fire Department and eight were from City Hall/DPW.

In terms of details, the battle was once again between perennial detail leader Officer Louis LaRosa and Capt. Reardon. This year, LaRosa won out with $68,675.50 in detail payments, while Reardon registered the previously mentioned $67,226.

The average salary of all 2,232 employees – including full-time, part-time, per diem and summer jobs – was $38,716.

The lowest paid employee was Amy Rotger, who made just $32 as a part-time summer worker.

For a complete list of the City’s payroll, check out the top right corner of the Journal’s website at

City Council Payroll (including longevity and expenses) –

Ward 2 Ira Novoselsky –                         $24,956

At-Large John Correggio –                      $23,131

Ward 6 Charlie Patch –                           $22,931

Ward 5 John Powers –                            $22,931

At-Large Bob Haas –                               $21,531

Ward 3 Arthur Guinasso –                      $20,331

At-Large Tony Zambuto –                       $18,131

Ward 1 Richard Penta –                           $17,649

At-Large Brian Arrigo –                         $16,081

10. At-Large Jessica Giannino –          $16,081

11. At-Large Stephen Reardon –         $16,081

School Committee –

1. Fred Sannella             $12,300

2. Carol Tye                  $12,300

3. Donna Wood Pruitt     $7,300

4. Michael Ferrante        $6,000

5. Dan Maguire              $6,000

6. Stacey Rizzo              $6,000

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