On the Educational Front

The news for Revere Public Schools just keeps getting better.

Our high school system was just awarded the Nellie Mae Foundation Grant of $450,000 to be given out over the next 20 months.

This money will help fund the technology program to “flip” the classroom from boring lectures to “student-centered investigation.”

This program could turn Revere High into a national laboratory model where schools from across the nation could come and see how technology is being best-used in the classrooms.

The money will be used to train teachers in this new frontier teaching method.

We cannot stress how crucial it is to seize the new technology if our children will ever have opportunity to excel in this ever changing world.

Superintendent Paul Dakin said that it is the biggest thing to happen at RHS that he has seen in his almost two decades at the local schools.

We agree and congratulate Dakin and his staff for a job well done.

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