An Era Comes to an End

The announcement by Terry and Dick Waugh that they will be closing their family business is an end of an era in the Revere business community.

For more than 80 years, a member of the Waugh family has always shown up for work at the family business on the corner of Broadway and Fenno Street. And now Dick and Terry, who are in their 70s, have decided to retire and spend more time with their families.

Who can not help but notice while waiting for the light to change those great cars like a Rolls Royce in the showroom with those crazy figures for what seems every season of the year perched on the hoods or roofs.

However, that was only one aspect of the business.

The other part was doing the routine and creative automotive repairs for generations of Revere families. Keeping these cars running safely was a passion for the Waughs and their crew.

Their business model was the personal touch. And from a simpler time when car repair was replacing spark plugs and listening to an engine to fix the problem rather than having a computer tell you what you had to do.

This personal touch with the customers is what made this garage so popular.

Maybe the garage was a throwback. But that makes it all the more difficult to see it close.

While the only constant in life is change, we do not always like to see it.

To Terry and Dick, we wish you the best in this new chapter of your life and thanks for the memories.

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